Saturday, August 21, 2010

Look for the girl with the broken smile

I wanted to caption this picture "Dear wind stop blowing my bangs to a centre parting making me look like a dick", but then looking closer, I realised something else. I don't "sparkle" in my pictures anymore. =( I'm feeling insecure again. I remember when I was younger I had this thought that I'm stripped naked in front of the public and everyone can see me. Not through me but you know see me barenaked in public. I am having this feeling again, as if people could see something that I cannot see. What has become of me?? What has taken the better of me? And when I see other people being all giddy and happy around me I have this thought that I'm being laughed at, the subject of the matter that they are laughing. Am i being weird?? What is wrongggg with me???

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