Sunday, August 01, 2010

It's the end, of the world

Is the world coming to an end?? Why are there so many weird things happening!????

UFO spotted, today I saw this man in a grey jumper walking in front of us, from far I saw him standing next to a tree. Then I was talking, and the next thing I noticed, there's a pair of jeans where he last stood and he was gone. Like that, no where to be seen, can he run that fast???


I'm having weird nights, I'm feeling weird, is it cause I'm dying soon but everyone knows except me?? That's why they're treating me so nice these days??? ARGHHHHHHHH

And Melbourne is in its crazy weather again. PMS MUCH MOTHER NATURE??? T_T It is so fucking cold and the fucking pakenham line disruption is not doing any better chaocheebye I wanted to hire the helicopter next o my campus to fly me back T_T But the wind is so strong I think the only way I get back is dead wtf T_T

I wanna be wrapped in thissssssss in this collllddddd weather brrrrrrrr I literally need to clear the ice crystals from my face fml so cold can and have to defrost myself by standing in front of the heater for 15 minutes till my blood started flowing again T_T


I also want a new wallet.

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