Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I'm Brogue!!

haha I'm so punny.

SHOES MAKE ME BROKE!! And I bought brogues that make me broke =p

I think, (well most of the females) have shoe fetish. Unless you're weird and you have a feet fetish, how can one not love shoes!??? Looking at the 20-30 pairs of shoes hanging out on the corridor, I feel shy/happy everytime I walk pass them. It's like, a mini gallery of my own. :) And they can be worn out or just be loved by me. I **TEND** to buy things which I love but I don't really use them, you may call it a waste but are you sure you want to waste 500 bucks shoes with pure leather soles and walk on muddy grounds to take a train which some dodgy guy will step on?

I'd much prefer it to be looked at, and worn when I go to events that people will appreciate them. :)

A very bad copy of the Chloe ripoffs but it was cheap and I needed ankle boots. And it actually looks quite good! :D

No one can ever, EVER resist a little twist to a plain pair of beige brogues. :) And it's perfect for spring (can air my feet wtf)

No brownie points for those who can guess where I got it from and what size I wear -_-

men's shoes. cannot resist pink laces and suede. Strong leather scent welcomed me as I opened the black box. Loveeeee the pink leather lining :D:D:D:D But the problem is, I look a little like Ronald (Mcdonald) when I'm wearing it. =/ (and the fact that I have skinny ankles and fat thighs makes it look more ronald =( )

YEAY SHOES! :D Whoever who don't have a shoe fetish can go eat my smelly shoe!! :P


Sammy said...

i love those beige brogues! been looking for one since forever without avail :( how much is it approximately in MYR? i'm so desperate for brogues; most designs i've seen just don't cut it :(

mustardqueen said...

sammy: got them for 90AUD but its made from leather so I'm fine with the price haha

not drabby said...

OMG eh in aussie do they have shoes in size 11/12? nak mintak tolong belikan if can :p *muka tak malu* hehe

Sammy said...

hahahahaha well-priced then! argh they don't come in my size nooo D:

mustardqueen said...

drabby: ermmm they do but not all shops have but then you'll have to pay for shipping cos I cannot bring back cause too many stuff to bring T_T

sammy: i mean it's OKKKK la, not cheap, it's quite exp but then it's real leather and very hard to get shoes in my size that I like =p So yeah :P

Anonymous said...

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