Tuesday, August 24, 2010

People who pisses me off.

You know I don't mean to be a bitch sometimes but then, when one too many times is, TOO MANY TIMES.

Often I get, or we get people who go like "OMG I LOVE *insert item your wearing* YOU'RE WEARING WHERE DID CHU GET IT FROM".

What about an answer like "I don't wanna have the same shit as you because I prefer to be, different?"

Seriously, get over it man. Why do you want to have things that people have!? OK i do admit sometimes I have the tendency of liking something that people might like or have (OH COME ON!! What do you expect when Zara has like 20 pieces of the same design in different sizes you can't expect everyone on the streets to be dressing differently right?? What about those who "prefer" to wear plain tanks and jeans? (refuse to call them plain jane later they flame me hmmph)) BUT!! There's always a but, I wouldn't buy the same items as my friend did, why would I??? You may argue that "OH but we have different taste we match it differently blablabla"

The fact is, you're wearing the fucking same piece of clothing prolly made in India by exploited kids living in poverty or in China where your clothes are soaked in chemicals you wear long enough you get skin cancer (source?) and no I don't wanna wear the same things as you. Or at least amongst people I know. -_- that's why I was quite awkward when me and my sister almost dressed similarly with almost the same top/bottoms -_-

So, do you agree? Or disagree with me?

p/s: after writing this post, I realise I do have split personalities, when I'm not emo and slitting wrists I am bitchy! :D

p/p/s: and don't you just LOOOVEEEE the aussie sales assistants when they compliment whatever you're wearing (to encourage you to buy more things in their shop and it works everytime wtf). or maybe you don't get that very often sorrreehhhh.


Anonymous said...

chill ... u r caring too much abt what others think / do.

for me, i dress like aunty and cant be bothered to dress up properly. but i do appreciate beautify things so i like to look (no buy) and just admire saja.

sometimes when they ask, its not to buy the exact same thing but to know which brand as the same brand will have similar style.

by the way, you have very good taste.

Leah said...

I agree with you... I fucking hate people who buys the same stuff as me, way more than once. The 'best' part is when they tell you how much they dislike something you're wearing, to your face... and then a few weeks later, they buy the exact same thing! Oh, except in different size *facepalm* And, and if they do have the same stuff as you... It's annoying that they keep pointing it out to you. What? You think I copy you meh?? homaigod :/

Anonymous said...

sometimes people just ask for the sake of asking or simply for reference purposes - maybe that place offers nice clothes?

trust that neither do people want to/like to wear the same stuffs u do ok! but do take that as a compliment instead of something to feel angry about man...

mustardqueen said...

anon1: maybe, but my main point is I just don't like having the same things as others. More on when I get something and people buy the same as I did, that's what I hate most and that is the case I'm referring to. :) And why thank you for the compliment. :)))) I too like to appreciate what others wear and I respect the fact that I know that they might not like to reveal where they get it and resulting in so many ppl wearing e same things. haha

leah: lol i know rightttt -_- and they go lke "oh the fit is so bad colour dun flatter lablablabalbala' and whine then they have the same thing like 2 days after -_- wtf

anon2: mmm probably but why ask for the sake of asking if you're not interested at the first place? and without asking where I got it from how would they know what place I got it from and how would they know if they know the place offers nice clothes. Contradicting much? I understand the fact that imitation is the best form of flatter but no thanks. :) And there's no need for YOU to be some angry too! :D chill

TenderBlush said...

hahaha tinggg! jgn laaa marah! eh u getting the river island shoe or not?

Pong said...

haha! i get that quite often! deymn. i tot they really like 'em. see see. marketing strategies. lol.

anyway, do u hate ppl who ask u that kind of Qs? but sometimes I cant help coz stuff u wear is very nice! ;)

But if u dont like it, I'll try my best not to ask. Heh.