Thursday, August 26, 2010

Zhoi Gin La

I'll be quite sad for the next few days one of my very close friend here in Berwick ulu town is leaving, for better of course and there will be no more coffee sessions, talking about the same things and sharing random thoughts and gossips anymore till we meet again. She's like a mentor, a sister, a good friend. An "unni" to be exact. love her to bits.... =)

Something tells me that all these farewells, is to prepare me for something bigger, greater. And I don't want that day to arrive. Because I know it will hit me more than a storm, it will break me. Then I would truly know what I'm made off, because you never know what you're made off till you;re broken.

I'm dreading that day to come and all I want is just to live a normal day. Is being normal just so hard??? I feel that all these things that happened in the recent past, it tells me something. All the good things that happened, is to tell me that if I leave, at least I'm satisfied. And the bad things, is to prepare me, for the worst. If only I could shout it all out.