Friday, September 24, 2010


I'll be boarding a plane in 7 hours to Hobart (anyone know what I can do there hhaahaha) and apparently there will be SNOW on Monday!

YOU KIDDING ME? SNOW? The last time I seen snow was like 10 years ago in Beijing!!

ANYWAY don't think I will be able to survive the cold there with shorts and tights heh. die.

And my very excited trip to Royal Melbourne Show! :D Like so excited yet not very excited due to gloomy weather but it was worth it! :D Farm animals, HORSES, PONIES, DONKEYS, cows, sheeps, hot farmers, Angus cow wtf not the beef the actual cow hahahahahah colourful tacky rides and booths. MMMMMM How not to love a carnival. Besides it's my excuse to go cause apparently I won't be in Melbourne next year huhu


I think age is catching up (shit this is coming from me!!! and I usually just fuck care about it cause I'm the youngest among my friends and i'm turning 20 already!!!! (!!!!)) and I've started using brightening serum and lifting eye gel wtf T_T I was afraid to go on the topgun ride thingy and those spinning rides (also cause it was $8 a ride so I rather say I'm just scared heh) but I went on the Flyer thingy!! :D The swing that you spin around. It's different from the one in Genting cause this one you're prolly 100 feet above ground and you can overlook the entire show and you can see the CBD from up there :D If that's how heaven feels like, I better collect some karma points for now haha!! A very very cute pony who's so so well trained, it ran by itself!!! The doll riding it is suppose to be a "rider" and "lead" him around but he was actually running by itself! SMART MAX!!! Love horses. :D:D:D:D

Last two picture is to show my UGLY face and FAT body to the very kind anonymous who once again point out to me! :D Since you pay attention to me so much that I'm ugly and fat like a giant, here's more pictures of me, don't you just love it!? I just love annoying people like that, just smother right in their face :D

But main point is cause I was slightly dizzy from the ride (see what I mean by age is catching up) and walking wobbly after that hahahahahaahhaa and my blind partner in crime =P

AND AND AND FACE PAINT!!!!! I was daring enough to pay a lot for the bloody face paint and disappear after one wash T_T But it was damn fun ok, they put glitter on it too! The last time I had was during a carnival in Puay Chai when I was in standard 6 I paid RM 2 (yes this one is like 15 times -_-) for a butterfly on my brow and this one is just, more colourful haha! NEEEEEE I miss those days. Le sigh.


Katie ♥ said...

i think you look amazing babe! (like lenalena wtf) and your body is not fat okay! i've seen you in real life.

remember you are damn hot! :)

*xen said...

totally NOT fat for your height! and you have a pretty face (: wtf.. people should just stop hating. you may have heard it before but if ppl dont like something so much, why oh why do they keep coming back for more? must be secret admirer or stg haha.

anyways, i may be a bit late but there isnt much to do in hobart except for eating and err the Salamanca markets are pretty good! there was this lady who sold meatballs of some sort and it was sooo yums! anyhoo have fun and am looking forward to your next post!

mustardqueen said...

katie: thank you loveeee!!! And how did ur diet go hahahaha why can snack so fun wan WTF!!! Awww thank u so so much u know that meant alot to me :)))) Not lenalena la I'll have inferiority complex if I think I look like her I'll get depressed wtf cannot compare to her. :PPP Dun forget we're both hot hot *sizzles wtf*

xen: lol secret admirer, I rather not have. It's better to have a peace of mind then to have those bullshit around. :D They be hating means I'm more fabulous :D

And and yeah it was a tad too late cause I cudnt check my blog for comments else I have to pay like 500 bucks for internet charges lol and I went to Salamanca market!! not much stuff but they have nice restaurants around!! :D but the views in tassie is awesomeeeeeee :D

Anonymous said...

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