Sunday, September 05, 2010

Positive thinking.

I need some motivation. Motivating words, positive thoughts, whatever. PLEASE write me a comment, drop me a message on my cbox, anything. Please?


Mr Lonely said...

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Anonymous said...

if we want to receive, we need to learn to give first..maybe we will end with our hand empty, but our heart will be filled with love.. and those who love life, have that feeling marked in their heart..

Anonymous said...

life is but a fleeting moment on earth, and there are so many things that are not within our control. life goes on, its your choice to live it in misery or be happy.

just enjoy life - smell the roses, look at the clear blue sky, enjoy the cooling winter, look forward to the crisp spring air. most times, its the small things that make us happy.

most importantly, you have a wonderful family. that is the most blessed / 'hang fook' thing - friends, jobs and even future husband is a choice, but not family.

Anonymous said...

why so desperate

LavenderFloret said...


mustardqueen said...

anon1: thank u. but won't it be tiring to be always the one giving?? I understand that having to give without expecting something in return is bliss, but sometimes you gotta have to take something in return. Or maybe the good feeling of giving as the return. At this point, I want to be the one taking, so tired, so so so tired of giving. =(

anon2: awww, you've reminded me how once I've always appreciated the small things in life that made me smile. :) Thank u. =D

anon3: I don't know what is ur implication of posting this comment, either u want me to die, or u really hate me or just that you're the desperate one. I'm at the brim of killing myself and just seeking for motivating words to stop me from doing it, hey, why not save some money and buy a coffee at starbucks and sit there all day to make yourself look less pathetic? if ur trying to say I'm fishing for compliments to make myself feel better, save that for yourself, I've had enough compliments from other people I do not need any from YOU. stop being a pathetic douche and read my "desperate" blog thanks.

lavenderfloret: :):):):) *hugs back with arms wide open* =D

Anonymous said...

glad if i had reminded you that its the small things that makes our day ... most of the time.

to be honest, your 'depression'scares me (even though i dont know you). just have a picture of clear blue sky on a picnic, blue ocean when u were at the seaside, whatever that uplifts your mood. when u r down, just think of the image.

-anon 2-

Lisa Cheah said...

You are adorable! Try and be happy! :D

Anonymous said...

lol, think you've mistaken my harmless intentions.

check your dictionary babe, desperate is also synonymous with hopelessness. i'm just curious as to why you'd need encouragement, why the sudden hopelessness. that's odd, considering how you've always been pretty strong on your own.


don't be too defensive, lol :)

LavenderFloret said...
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Claire said...

Anonymous: the way you said it would usually be interpreted in a bad way, the way Ting interpreted it. i'm sure a lot of other ppl would interpret it that way too

as to being defensive? i'm sure Ting is just trying to protect her now pretty vulnerable state, she doesn't need anymore cuts on her heart/soul. she's obviously going through a hard time and you throw her such a comment, of course she's gonna defend herself.

so perhaps you should've phrased your comment in a different way if your intentions are harmless.

and btw, being defensive is part of being strong. if Ting was any weaker she would just crumble and cry after you comment, not replying to u in the way she did

PS: sorry for being a busybody ting, i just really feel for you and i can just imagine how bad that comment could be

mustardqueen said...

anon2: hahaa I dunno how to reply to that!! I think that's probably the best way out thinking of good weather and cupcakes, it take a certain amount of imagination! :P I think imagining me with lotsa shopping would do too. :P:P:P I could not thank u enough. :)

lisa: thank u. =)

anon3: I'm sorry if I sounded rude in the reply to your comment but what I perceive from your comment was on a negative side (cause I'm negative like that) and my hopelessness is caused by a certain amount of insecurity. It's not odd of the sudden "desperation/hopelessness" cause I never mentioned that I'm strong or anything, it's just how people usually perceive me as? Maybe people have been getting the wrong impression of me always being the tough one with what I do and what I say. But it's okay, now that we've clear things up. :) But I guess it's safer for me to have a certain degree of defensiveness if not, well I would seen as the weakest of the lot haha!

claire: you got me right there!!! :)))) Thank u so muchh really appreciate it. Here's a love for u <3 > :))))

shelbybaby said...

boo!! :)