Saturday, September 04, 2010

Ignorance is never blissful

Why is it that everytime I try to be "happy", things will just happen not just normal things, but bad things. =/

Just found out that my mom's friend's husband passed away from years of battle with cancer, may be a relief for his to stop suffering, but his family left behind. I feel for you. =(( Stay strong, with all my best wishes. =(

And then things like this made me think, will I be able to handle it? The first and last time I was at a funeral was my great-grandpa's funeral when I was 4. I had no feelings, I was as lost as a sheep wandering in the farm. I knew I would never see him again eventhough we weren't close in the first place. I remember I was really afraid of entering his room at the corner of the kitchen, it's always dark, and I'm just afraid at the sight of him, something tells me that he's the father of my father's father, he'll be fiercer than anyone in the family. The main reason of why I was afraid. But he would pat my head, if memory serves me right.

Then there was the earthquake in Christchurch this morning. When my housemate just told me about it, I wasn't sure what I was suppose to feel. But something made my hair stand. What has the world become? Is it true that it is coming to an end? If so what am I doing with my life? What do I want? Why is it that it must be NOW that the world is coming to an end? Am I strong enough to survive or handle the fact that everything will be gone in a whim? Or everything will slowly, one by one fall apart? Why this generation? Why me?

All these signs (not just signs telling me that I must go on a diet wtf I know la), signs that are telling us that, according from somewhere I've read, we've underestimated what God can do and take it for granted, so he's gonna show us what he can do. Is it true?? Then what happen to those who say that God loves you, he'll protect you from whatever that will happen? Then why is He, bringing the world to the end? Start of a new world? Or what?! Confusing much??

If only no one would tell me all these things it'll make me worry less. To anonymous, one of those things that I'm worrying about, this IS worth worrying about. Imagine you won't be here anymore tomorrow morning, should you be worrying?

When can we go back to when we don't give a care about anything?

ps: I'm not Christian so I don't know the teachings in the bible or anything, just from a general perspective of all sorts of religion, who mentioned that God, will protect the beings that He's created.