Saturday, October 23, 2010


Everybody meet IVY. Ivy is a 1.6kg block of scotch fillet I got at a bargain of $24 from Queen Vic market :D

I remember the butcher asked: You want the big one or the small one?
I looked at Nancy for a response and I replied "big one"
Butcher stared at me in shock.

Everybody, this is...


In comparison to a tea spoon. It is approximately 10-12inches long with a height of approx. 3-4 inches. Massive. It's a COW. without the leather damn.

The name Ivy derived from a show by Stephen Chow call Six Million Dollar Man and here's a screen shot of my favourite ah pek actor in Stephen Chow's movies. *love*

hahahha this movie cracks me up... it's about him being this spoilt brat and then later jengjeng he became a square face WTFFF hahaha

all chopped up and ready to be eaten OM NOMNOM ivy is so tender *sayangs*

Today I'm going to show you a picture of my EYE!! :D

yes it's actually my contact lens :P Which is practically my eyes cause I depend on them to see!? And being the not very hygienic/forgetful me, I.... wait for it... haven't changed it for the past 1.5-2 months. But then again I don't wear it EVERYDAY what so like, u know, i prolly wore it about 40 times wtf ok I shall stop giving excuses. I don't even know how those days thing work -_- All the wonderful things that I've seen through those lenses. That's why I took a picture of it. :)

Twas Leon's farewell dinner and we went to ye old Belgian Beer Garden over at St Kilda Rd.

Beef stew, chicken ribs (so so good!!) and pork belly (omg the crackling was literally crackling when I bit it nom). My beef stew was, quite good but was a bit meh cause too much!!

Dunno why I like this pic. :) Maybe the fact cause my face is not there WTFWTF!! Like my pearl cardi!???? :D The pearls are all falling off tho =(

And to aussies , do you always see those Greek dessert house with massive amount of sugar loaded cakes displayed on the window? I assume it's greek cause half the things look like baklava to me =p

French gateux (mine). Custard eclair that resembles a dick and tiramisu.

Verdict: ............

I think the best part of the desserts was the tea by Twinings wtf. it was, nothing fantastic though =/ cheap la but nothing fantastic. hahahaa quite bad wtf

random shots....

I'm suppose to be studying.

this post ends abruptly...


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