Friday, October 22, 2010


I just went over to several very disturbing pages and it made me sick.

Disturbing in the sense that, it's progression blogs on their diet, to become SKINNY. Dream weight of weighing less than 100 pounds. How they're coping. It's sick. As much as I want to be thin, I don't want to be like them. =/ And then there was ANTM, with one of the models wanting to be thin but then they eliminated her sorry spoiler la, but then another contestant was clearly too fucking skinny and not so sure bout how it's hereditary when she looks like she haven't eaten. =/

What has the world become of? It's like a sign telling me that I should develop an eating disorder or something. But then what is living when you can't eat?

I bet those girls don't even know how Bak Kut Teh (for asians) or like fish and chips taste like. I pity them, deep down from my heart.

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