Sunday, October 17, 2010


So much was left unsaid, and then decisions were to be made. What can one do to save both situations without sacrificing both? Is there a solution? Lifetime decisions.

My parents are in the mindset thinking that I will go back to KL for good but deep down inside everyone knows how much I dislike my country (safety, government, salary etc etc the list just goes on forever) and that I want to stay here. Struggling to find jobs and I'm graduating soon gets me so so so frustrated and there is just no way out. They're discouraging me to stay on, and gut feeling once told me I wouldn't. But now I would just kill to just live in Australia. The freedom, the money, the society, the government. Almost everything. Nothing is holding me back here in Australia, no strings attached nothing. Things just get so frustrated when I'm back home. My family is there, which I know play the biggest part of my life. But it comes to this junction where it is time for me to take a turn in my life. Will things be worthy to be left behind? My family? My closest friends?

I really don't know. Wish me luck.