Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just my luck

All I can say is wish me luck.

My day started off with a bad sleep, tired eyes. Then a leaking coffee cup didn't help, but dripping on a white tank top. It was then followed with weird stares at Chaddie (maybe cause my eyebags were horrifying) and back with a headache, maybe just tired. I was running on caffeine high or maybe adrenaline, wasn't so sure about where my energy is from.

Dinner was fantastic, I had this awesome homemade sambal made few days ago with an almost perfect fried egg. One of the 6 good things that happened was probably the Asos goodies, they fit well, and they're all pretty. :) Bebaroque tights FTW, they looked so pretty just from the packaging I want to save it for a special day. Maybe my birthday *heart*

Random thoughts, random spills. 8 days till my 1st and 2nd paper. And a 12 day break to let loose and study for the 3rd paper, and to job hunt/think about life.

All I can say is, uncertainties blinded me. I'm lost in this jungle of wilderness, a place some might call the grown up's world. I think I'm not ready yet. I'm not sure if I can handle this. The fact that I went searching for a one room apartment saddens me. =( As much as I want this chic modern apartment I call "home", with a pretty neat kitchen fully furnished already, it's just, weird. Leaving everyone, and might not have people to turn to. I might be depress even though I longed for alone time.

Wish me luck.

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Rachelle said...

I totally get what you mean with those certain days.. when everything feels like it's unraveling at the seams and nothing goes right. :(

But hey, now that that is all out of the system, better days will be right ahead! :D

And aw, good luck and all the best with everything! :) Ganbatte ne~