Saturday, October 02, 2010

Say Hi to Charlie

Everyone meet Charlie. A little boy we bumped into when we're in Salamanca Place, having some wholesome breakfast at Tricycle Cafe. He's a 2 year old red head, with the cutest smile, most friendliest of all friendly kids I've seen. I was just snapping a picture of the store front at where we were seated, then his gramps was telling him "the girl is taking your picture Charlie, smile Charlie" repeatedly. He then looked at us with his biggest grin, whitest milk teeth, with the rosiest cheeks and green eyes. Did I mention he was wearing rubber wellies?? So cute right?? He was struggling to pick up his own shoes when he dropped them!! Then he saw this other baby waiting for the mom to pickup coffee (and she works there), he walked there and played with the baby. So cute. so so so so cute. :D I wish I'd cuddle him neeeee. Oh Oh and this cute little kid had his own cup of hot chocolate or babychino served in a small coffee glass. SO CUTE!!! I want a baby.

Said store front picture. :) He was already peeking!! :D

Scrambled eggs with bacon

my chilli beans on toast. I liked how the bread was toasted to the very last crisp, and the beans taste a little like curry but nevertheless yummy.

Love indie/hippy cafes like this. :D

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