Monday, November 15, 2010

Forget the peace inside

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA cutest dogs in the world!!! Sausage dog lololololllololololollll

BABY SEAL!!! hahahahahahaha

all screen shots taken from beautyqq's videos. I love her videos and we all should follow her beauty regime cause her skin don't look a day over 20 and she's 38!!!

AND MEH!!! you all damn evil ask you what do you want to see for the first ever video I'm gonna make and record and blabla edit and no replies fml T_T Maybe I'm gonna show you how to cook wtf but then I don't have a video recorder or a camera that can record -_- but YEAY to exams finishing tomorrow :D I'll be embracing new found freedom and nothing-to-do-ness by this hour tomorrow hahahahaha

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s kim said...

i was going to suggest strip.