Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's that time of the year

Hi people. I'm turning 20 this year. As much as I hate saying I'm younger than most of my friends, I am turning 20. Remember when I was younger I always say like Oh I'm only 12 and have no boobs how will I get breast cancer, or other things like I'm only 10 why should I wear a bra/training bra. Deng deng, I am 20 now. omg. And I'm graduating this year :D (yes I will graduate haha)

Here's a short wishlist, quite realistic I'd say :P

1. Wallet (Approx: A$ 500): Cause my current wallet is about 2 years old and it's falling apart no thanks to my very tender loving care. =(

looking for a zipper wallet actually, so I can fit in my very tiny low tech 2G phone. Prada/Miumiu preferred :D

2. Gretchen Rubin's Happiness Project book from bookdepository (A$ 17)

3. This two gorgeous pair of heels. =( Or similar one! I'm dying for the Dolce & Gabbana ripoffs (b&w) but it was sold out and I cannot order =(( and the fendi ripoffs looked better than the real ones wtf and it's also sold out and it's a preorder fml... Very cheap only la!!

4. Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 in Monogram (Euro$ 490). Vintage condition preferred, I want the straps to be old and worn out (but please get me a new one HAHA)


5. Hello Kitty Fujifilm Instax (SO CUTE OMG) (RM500) Hypothesis: As age increase, love for Hello Kitty increase. Conclusion: Hypothesis accepted.

6. Fendi Classico Leather Satchel No. 1 (A$ 1600 from Saks)(I actually wanted the leather one but this one is damn gorgeous too *heart*)

7. Celine Leather Shopper (RM 4000, I die)

Big enough to fit my entire life in (camera, water bottle phone ipod makeup wallet keys brollie blablabla) and it's leather, it's Celine, it's chic, it's cool, it's FORGEOUS (short for fucking gorgeous haha, no actually it's a typo)

8. Gucci Logo Leather Belt (USD255)
just want something with a logo, yet minimal (yeah so much for minimal the logo is so in your face haha just my kinda thing :P)

8. Another serve of Banana Malte from Vue De Monde ($55 for set lunch!) Dying to have another serve but Jing told me that they've changed their menu!??? Can someone liaise with the hot head chef to sleep with me to specially make it for my birthday!!?? =((

Now I'm gonna lust over more things and update this space! That's all. :P

9. SHOES. (Ok more of the Litas in mustard/black/distressed black leather/brown/disco)
MUSTARD hahahahaha no pun intended
COWBOY STILETTOS I call em. Imagine swooshing the fringe when you walk. OH the platform in front is divine~~
Foxy by JC in some embroidered fabric. PURDEEEEEE.

and yes I know that I'm approx 5'8 and wearing these will result in an even bigger giant than I already am but hello? Fabulous shoes, do I care???

p.s.: it's called a wishlist for a reason.


Anonymous said...

love the hello kitty camera. where to get it?

liss said...

referring to your latest post (cant comment on it) ive never thought that size could be an issue for u. ive seen u in real life (bijou bazaar i think) and ure really gorgeous :) i really mean that. i think loads of girls would love to be in ur shoes. my friends were like saying how gorgeous u are n tht u look like a doll and all! so chin up dear! :)

Anonymous said...

mmm ... on this lust list [yet to complete i suppose ;)], like the wallet, something that i have been contemplating as well but wanted the beige (so boring but then i am boring :p), and the last on on celine, saw it on display didnt think it look great on its own but then now that you have posted it, suddenly see its potential. but no, i am not going to splurge on a bag :p
never did and hope never will. seeing is enough, dont have to own it. (drives my friends nuts this one)

mustardqueen said...

anon1: I saw it at some facebook album, friend was tagged in it and I saw it, jst google hello kitty fujifilm instax shud be able to find it. :) If ur in melb i think somewhere along flinders lane sells them =D

liss: thank you so much for your comment, but like i said it is my insecurities that is holding me back, it's not my weight. :) Awww hahaha I am literally blushing now, but not that i want ppl to be in my shoes cause (a) they're huge haha (b) they dun wanna be as tall/big as me cause it's hard to wear heels =( but thank you. you don't know how much this means to me. *heart*

anon2: which wallet!!?? I'm eying the miumiu pleated leather in this mink colour it is so gorgeous in real life!! and the celine shopper, I really likfe the black, orange and red one. but it comes with an AUD3000 price tag for the large one, I'll just let it stay on the lust list lol

revel in me said...

I HEART THE CELINE SHOPPER BAG TOOOO!! But why the one I want is rm5,700 ar.. T___T Different leather is it.. T___T

mustardqueen said...

RIM: cause the one I saw is the large one!!! which is prolly twice or triple the size T_T

mustardqueen said...

OH SORREH!! Cause I saw the cheaper smaller size one at Reebonz, and the bigger one is 3000AUD wtf.

kimmy said...

Love the Fendi bag!!! geddit geddit geddit!

The safiano leather Prada purse might be too small for you to put your handphone in. Not sure if you're a fan of pink, but I saw a bubblegum pink one in store, gorgeous colour but it was the last one.

When was the last time u saw the mink Miu Miu purse? the last time me and a friend checked in David Jones, they sent it all back to Italy!! She was going for the mustard one.

mustardqueen said...

kimmy: the fendi zucca is to die for I always walk into Fendi, stroke it and leave haha lucky thing the SA wasnt around :P I've checked the bigger full zipper one can fit my 2G cheapo phone wtf cos my phn is so tiny n thin/flat. Prolly an iPhone and some cash and cards. :) I wanted this mink colour, a cross btw grey and brown/taupe, quite hard to describe e colour but its divine... so soft the lamb skin yummy.. i wanted this mustard pleated leather bag but then was sold out. =( damn emo, but the mustard colour is so pretttty complete with the leather arrrr i die.

kimmy said...

the more i look at the Fendi Zucca, the more i like it! oh no.........!!! this is bad... there goes my pay.. :(

Good luck in finding your perfect purse :) (and getting all of the items in your wishlist!! )

mustardqueen said...

kimmy: HAHA everytime i walk pass fendi at david jones my eyes just set on them. But then it's a little on the floppy side rather than structured in real life. haih 1.9k, i might as well just sleep on the streets loll...

Anonymous said...

i wanted similar to the one your posted in beige but no zip (not the 'kedut kedut' leather one, nice but i think more difficult to maintain)