Sunday, November 21, 2010

(Mock) Graduation

What I'll be expecting in approximately 3 weeks time, hopefully with a fully heeled knee (I missed a step and had this quite badly scratched knee *ouch* and I think I turned green at the sight of blood streaming down from my knees into my shoes =/ I was surprised that I was kinda afraid of blood!!! Shocking shocking)

Then I'll need to think which size of the mortarboard should I be getting to fit my huge head. I got a size M and it kept falling when the wind blows and it flattens my bangs. -.- I may not have a 23 inch waist but I sure do have a head measuring at 23 inches! :P

Some from the 100 pictures I took that day. Twas fun, and the weather was superb. Melbourne's been well lately. :)

Nothing is complete without helium balloons. :D


misshazel said...

love photo #6. so pretty!

kimmy said...

agreed! #6 is pretty, no reason for you to be insecure :)

I like picture number 1!! :) Can I steal? I'll credit, promise :)

mustardqueen said...

misshazel: aww thank u :)

kimmy: hahaha u can!! go ahead!! :) And thank u!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos !

sharon said...

perfect weather! the last photo is so cute! so is the last second! :D

revel in me said...

Aiyoyo, sungguh cantik! <3

Hope that the weather for your REAL graduation will be as fab so we can all take gorgeous pictures! <3

mustardqueen said...

anon: Thanks! :)

sharon: YESSS weather was amazinggg and it wasnt hot at all!! :D haha friend suggested to take ala abbey road like Beatles =p

rim: hahah yes!!! and i think real graduation it will be fucking hot and sunny but well pictures will be nice, except with melted makeup -_-

Felice said...

Congratulations and you look really pretty in Pic #6! :D

xiang yun said...

All the pictures look absolutely gorgeous! You're pretty in that dress and more =) it makes things better.

mustardqueen said...

felice: HAHA THANK U!! :)

xiangyun: aww I will =)) And thank u!! =DDD

Anonymous said...

wad camera r u using?