Monday, November 08, 2010

Spring Race :D

It's the 150th anniversary ( i swear i just retype the word anniverssary anniversary 5 times before I got it right with autocorrect wtf) Melbourne Cup!! :D


I didn't go. Nope. Not even the preview, not the Emirates Stakes, not the AAMI nor the BMW one. None. But I did participate a little!! By getting cool headgears!! :D We don't call it fascinators but headgears. They are so big that some can kill the moon when the sun reflects, or well, kill a couple of dead birds (cause of death: heart attack, cause when birds see so much feather on someone's head dyed pink and blue and red, I'd get a shock and die). as you know I've been thrifting collecting very nice headgears through out my Melbourn stay, ranging from a feather hat, to a flower hat/swimming cap. But then everything was brought back to KL cause I figured I won't use it and manatau I might need it for the next coming spring race.

mine you these pictures were taken, say... 1.5 years ago. Oh how I've changed. I think I look better last time fml.

Items you need:
1. Bobby pins
2. Feathers/Feather head dress/Necklace
For me, I used a necklace I got early in the year.

Now all you need now is a head, some hair, and flair.

Or you can invert it and have feather fringe :D How sophisticated.

tip: Pin the chains instead of the feathers! You don't wanna look like a mad chicken ( I already did haha)



sorry if I look like a complete dickhead. already applied makeup when I went out so why waste and snap some pictures right :P photobooth ftw!!

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