Friday, December 24, 2010


This year, things have been well. Well, is an understatement because things that happened to me, taught me so much about so many things in life, be it for the future or just for now.

I've met people I hate and people that I like, to hangout with (not for life heh). Some left some stayed, some are still there eventhough they are not physically with me. Such things in life is what I'm always grateful for.

Luxury goods I've got more than what I wish for. I sometimes think that these things that are said to be planned, are actually for my benefit, I might sound self centred and too self absorbed but I am very thankful for what I'm getting now. From not getting a place to stay due to budget restrictions to apartments right smack in the city (Thanks Nancy and Rachel). I call this blessing in disguise, I searched high and low for a proper place to stay and there I go, with very nice apartments that I lived and living in right now. :)

Then there are the incidents that earned me something extra. Eg this very stupid incident that happened quite some time ago this year, not only did I got myself something new, but also I've learnt that how people can be all nice and giddy but all rotten inside. And I found that sometimes my parents are the only way for me to turn to, there are just some times that not all things can be shared among your sisters or friends. They've been through a lot more and they know how to handle situations like this.

Then there were the people that are faithful to me. Faithful in the sense that they stood by me (you know who you are =D). People who have been through so much together with this so called stranger that they've met in Melbourne. Nothing beats the feeling of having support from your friends.

In this season filled with joy and blessings, thank you so much for everything. Even when sometimes I don't believe in God (well in my case Buddha or insert your leader in your religion) I do, right now. I feel that I'm well protected and sometimes you do HAVE to giveup something because there are always better things installed. There are more than what we see and experience. It's just how we want to accept things and whether or not we have the patience.

Merry Christmas. And soon happy new year. :)

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