Monday, December 06, 2010


PBS is short for Pre Birthday Syndrome. Many suffers from this syndrome will feel disappointed, or are afraid to be disappointed on their birthdays. Symptoms of the likes are such as anxiety (anxious about what they're gonna get on their birthdays i.e. smack in the face with cream/cake, getting a sex toy for their birthday etc), in a trance of positive thoughts that THE day will turn out well, saying things like they will just live the day like any other day etc.

Extracted from mustard's brain wtf.

I'm sure everyone has experienced that no?

And you know why I'm freaking out now? Because I'll finally be joining the 2 clan. I'm turning 20 and I'm already feeling that my metabolism is slowing down *drama*. Exactly one year ago I was pretending to be Alice in the Wonderland sitting on giant chairs at White Rabbit, SINGAPORE. That seemed like it never happened but it did, and it was a year ago. Then I met up with my current housemates (for which most of them have already moved out/returned home) at Rochester Park having Italian for lunch.

And 1 year and 1 day ago I had this bowl of a fringe name haircut. It has been a year. O_O

Has it been a year already?

Everything seemed to be unreal but then until you recall that you did this and this, took 8 paper sat on my butt flat on the chair in the racecourse (yes my uni is weird) and it hit you, everything did happened. Everything happened for a reason, it shaped the "me" of today, better or worse.

I told my grandma that I'm coming back to hunt for a job or be headhunted (wtf how isit possible meh) and she was quite disappointed. I mean, at least I'll give it a go. TRY.

Are we growing up too fast?

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