Monday, January 03, 2011


I find things utterly uninspiring lately.

I feel nothing when I see a pretty dress. I see it just as a pretty dress, not me wearing it nor pairing it with a pretty pair of shoes.

I find it hard to dressup, get out of pajamas, or put on makeup. All I want to do now is to drown in forever.


I laugh like a cow while watching Big Bang Theory (omg I laughed so so hard at the ladybug joke when Raj said he was afraid of bugs lol)

I find things rather mundane as of late. Not sure if it's cause I'm home. I no longer have to follow a timetable for public transports to get me around. I no longer need to get ready approximately 1.5 hours before train departs (including time to travel to the station).


I feel a need to travel. Alone. With just enough money for me to buy food and get around, and maybe a small souvenir of thousands of pictures. I want to roam around. Carefree. Just sit on a grass patch and just stare into wide skies of nothing.

A trip is coming up this friday. I still don't see myself traveling. Maybe I should take random pictures and so I can bring my lomo to play.


I prayed hard a month ago that I'll be able to graduate. Therefore I'm going to have this 30 day vegetarian thing again. But then again, might make it to a vegan thing to lose weight.

1 month ago, this hour, I was having trouble checking my results and I prayed even harder.


I'm officially unemployed and I'm doing nothing. There I said it, I'm living off my parents. Isn't that what all hater always wanted to read/hear that I'm not as "independent" as I may seem. You judge too soon.

I often take things on a less serious note that I might take a lot of things for granted. That includes getting a job "easily". The first time I look for a job was in 2009 December. I went into a shop, I asked and I got it. The 2nd time was when I was in a food court having maccas bigmac, I saw a sign written in chinese, I asked, I got it. This time I know it won't be easy because what I think is, when I ask, I might not get it. It's not just "easy task" like scooping greasy fried rice or hanging handbags or dainty accessories.


On a lighter note, how on earth do you come around "dieting" and succeed in it. I feel fine, I think I look fine, but society thought the other way round. I don't wanna be just fine, because fine only sounded great when you put in front of words such as Wine and Dining.

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Anonymous said...

Dieting actually makes me gain weight. Weird but true. My body probably doesn't like near starvation moments.