Tuesday, January 04, 2011


"How do you want to do your hair!?"
"Anything la, I want a change"
"Anything la"

Anything la, is my response to Yen whenever I visit her. I let her do whatever and so far, I like what I've been getting. :P


I dyed my hair RED. The assistant hairstylist said "it won't be like the tanglung red but it'll be red". It's damn red. Oh well just in time for CNY.


❤ Ee Von said...

omg so nice!!! what colour/brand is it?? i've always wanted to dye my hair red but the stylists always tell me it'll fade blablabla :/

Xen Lee ♥ said...

you actually look really good with red hair! im not one who likes my hair tinged red-ish cause it reminds me of 'aunties'. haha but you really pulled it off!

i loike!!

Anonymous said...

Where did you dye your hair? Care to share?:) She did a great job. Been looking for a good hairstylist to do my hair, here in KL.

mustardqueen said...

eevon: I went to Wenawave (look for yen) and i think she was using Loreal Majirel. Some major red!! The dye looks like those CNY deco when applied but when it'd washed off and dried it's like RED la hahahaha she say it will fade to brown la. hurhur need to touchup after that lor T_T

xen: my hair has no red tinge. it is RED lollll even aunties in KL dun have red hair like me lolllll thanks btw =p

anon: Wenawave at Times Square. i've been going there since end of 2007 till now. Look for Yen ar. :)

YiNKy said...

omg human!! love it!! :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing, Ting:) Will definitely look out for Yen:) Take care!