Saturday, January 15, 2011


I find it funny how readers often think that whatever that we disclose in blogs are all revolved around our lives.

For example, I always write about things that make me very upset, they think I'm depress. Or that my sister post about her holiday/shopping escapades and that she doesn't study or that Miss X posts all her pictures of the parties she attended she's a party queen.

Let me ask a question, does a blog have to wholly reflect what a person is and let out all feelings an judgments regardless of consequences and whatever that you may insert here? No right, I don't post pictures of what I'm doing doesn't mean that I'm not doing anything or that I don't have a life. This is not accounting for when if I don't disclose something it means that I behave a certain way or that I have something to hide. DUH I do have something that I'm hiding away from people but don't you do so too?

Seriously the only person who needs a life is you!


Chien said...

that's human. they tend to jumo into conclusion too soon all the time. haih.

Chien said...

ee, typo *jump*