Wednesday, February 09, 2011

9am rambling

Lack of sleep and sleep deprived. It is the same anyway. Baby walking pass me hopping and walking down the mini slope at Starbucks. My favourite hangout place in KLIA. Yes I'm in the airport now. This is a random post of random thoughts before this random trip begins, and I might randomly post something else online who knows!!! The internet might not be working for the first couple of days so bear with me (or if I can bear with the boredom oh lordy).

I have so many things I want. I'm currently in a want to go poopoo wtf but you have to wait till THE moment to let go wtf TMI!!! Then I'm running on a mix of adrenaline and caffeine (caramel macchiato i love youuuuuu). Some jazzy blues playing in the background I feel like my head is spinning in the rhythm of waltz. I removed my acrylic nails and replaced them with gel so when I do chores it won't chip i love pretty nails :)

I wanna buy Acne and Philip Lim 3.1 after looking at Rumi she is the most successful blogger in history many people hate her and I don't see a reason to love her cause her life is literally perfect with the perfect wardrobe and shoes, what not to hate T_T I wanna buy rings and shop at Asos. I want to spend so much fun time in Melbourne (but I know most of the time it'll be just at home, doing nothing but surfing virtually in the world wide web, best surf beach in the world) then Sydney. Should I enrol in a macaron making class?? It's apparently awesome and it'll be fun :) I even bought a Hello Kitty notebook to write down recipes and tips. The title of my HK book is call "I love sweets I love candy" ultimate cute :)

I travelled with 2 small luggages this trip, reason being, I still have a large suitcase waiting for me at Rachel's place, and the days before my Sydney trip will be... deng deng, packing and ship off some stuff. Will probably ship instead of using courier whatsoever it's just shoes. Scrap that I might just FedEx it =/ they are my precious shoes~

And because it's rambling I now hereby announce my LOVE for Hello Kitty. =3 I never really confessed my love for it but I stumbled upon a Sanrio corner at parkson (1utama) last night and I stood at one aisle looking at cups. overpriced porcelain mugs. They were gorgeous. I would buy them just for keep's sake. I saw this HK plate in the shape of HK going for 100 bucks and i wanted to get it, just so I can get happier as I eat. When I finish my food I can see hello kitty *heart* I end up with a mug (that matches my pouch =3) and the notebook. :) I paid with vouchers cause I can't use it on other stuff anyway T_T

And then

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