Sunday, February 13, 2011

Colour Coded

I was roaming on the streets of Melbourne, shopping. YES SHOPPING wtf am I doing, I was supposed to get ingredients to bake but I make a HUGE detour all the way to Melbourne Central and discovered some hidden gems that I never had the chance or guts to go in. They were, PRETTY, and not to mention expensive *cough*. I scored a dress on sale, and a necklace with discount when I sign up for a membership, free so why not! :D

And then it suddenly struck me that Spring 2011 is coming (well at least in the rest of the world but not Australia and Malaysia) and I went high and low searching for a plain white tee. YES, like the one the models wore in Jil Sander, that is exactly what I'm looking for!! I attempted to go on Jil Sander's website to look for it but NO they don't sell plain white tee -_- and overpriced of course.


So I went to all major department stores (have you seen the new Myers, it's IMPRESSIVE) Bonds, Country Road, Saba (shioyaki wtf I always have that thought when I see that store hahaha), Scanlan Theodore (never heard of it right, I only know of this brand recently haha)

And I'm so inspired by like a lot of people to be like a bohemian gipsy, hippie hobo wtf and another hand I wanna be all simplistic minimalistic hence the search for the white shirt begun. jengjeng.

Not a fan of prada 2011's looks =/ The wedges, seriously? OH one thing I do like is the fur =3

anyone can tell me where to find a thick comfy white tee?? I do have one but it has silver eyelets all over wtf -_- and it's cropped -_-


Thistle Trinkets said...

I like scanlan & Theodore, minimalistic, but great cut. Pricey though. Is their outlet store still in melb central?

No idea where to fine good white tee. But have you try like American apparel? If not I am sure in Time they will come out with it

revel in me said...

Buy from BKK wtf! Mine is quite comfy, and still hasn't lose shape or berbulu despite numerous washes.. Else, Topshop! They have those high roundneck ones..

mustardqueen said...

thistle trinkets: walau scanlan theodore too exp cannot afford een if it fits like heaven haha i dun think the store in melb central is an outlet cause everything damn exp -_- hahaha i tempted to get one from diesel but it was too thin -_-

RIM: dun want topshop i dun want fitted wan!! I want like square cut wtf

siaolee said...

try ck men's undershirts.. there is an outlet at melb central

Anonymous said...

giordano.they have a very similar one.

Anonymous said...

aiya go and buy from Giordano and Hang Ten lah. Cheap and good.

mustardqueen said...

siaolee: okies will check out! saw it at dfo today it comes in a pack of 2!

anon: but is there like a tag there?? u knw the giordano tag i dun want anything on it

anon2: no hangten here lor and they have that 2 feet there wtf i dun want hahahaha

Anonymous said...

I know, I know. Levi's! I got there yesterday and saw RM65 for 2! Super good quality! But I saw it in Malaysia though. :/

Anonymous said...

last i remembered the last time i bought it, there was no visible printing of the brand or tag. good luck!