Saturday, February 12, 2011

Preserve that wombok!!

I am not sure about this, but I am suspecting that wombok is on the brim of extinction here -_- In Melbourne, I went Safeway and Victoria market, there is not a single wombok, oh wait, there is, the size of my thighs wtf how to buy I'll take a month to finish. T_T

And to express my love for food and my korean husbandssss (hahahaha) I now introduce you to some awesome Korean food!! Kimchi Stew :D

All you need is Gochujang (chilli paste in this red rectangle box), spring onions, lean meat, tofu, kimchi. OR you can boil your stock with pork bones, then add kimchi and gochujang to boil for like 20 minutes. Apparently it's less than 100 calories per serve (if you use lean meat or tofu) and it's healthy!!!

I really like kimchi so I'll actually buy them and eat it on its own. Ask my family, I actually bought one box to eat at home and to make stew hehe

Mmm update on my diet, I haven't been dragging my lazy ass to the gym -_- TOMORROW CAN??? T_T Fuck man I keep saying tomorrow tomorrow. DO IT NOW T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T


~ Jennyeful's Life ~ said...

u knw? korean oso eat kimchi to stay slim! Good for health too.

revel in me said...

Faster come back and cook kimchi jigae for me so we can lose weight together!!

s kim said...

haha i love kimchi too! have you heard of there's this woman who delivers kimchi to your doorstep. i used to order it all the time when i was living in the hostel. you can even choose how spicy you want it haha and it's really good.

mustardqueen said...

jennyeful: hahaha serious ar I thought it's just their culture of eating. OH WAIT skinny is their culture wtf

RIM: HAHAHA OKAY!! :D I make one not bad ok =D=D=D

skim: hahaha eh ur comment sounds a bit like those spam advert wtf. SERIOUS??? I'm gonna order it when I go back :P