Sunday, February 06, 2011


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I saw this on my twitter the other day I laughed my ass offf HAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHA fucking funny omg.

One more : 小白 + 小白 = ?

answers to be revealed soon hahahahaa

Rabbit year is so fun :D Everything 2 or to can be replaced with 兔. LOL. Hint for answer wtf.

I was out grocery shopping the other day (to load up on yogurt, thank god I'm not that serious of a case of lactose intolerant if not cannot eat yogurt too -_- I had serious diarrhea after eating the pannacotta at Shangri-la, and serious I meant like 4 times in 1 hour -_- for 2 days. MAD) anyway grocery shopping and end up shopping *shifty eyes*

Both pair of shoes have been on my to-buy-list for the longest time :)))))))) And they're on further discount :)))))))))

I've been eying these from topshop since they were out online! Was going for GBP28 and I wanted to get them. Now??? 50% off hhhheeheheheheh But I prefer the brown/tobacco one but KL don't carry it -_- MEH

Pony hair leopard print loafers :D:D:D:D These bad ass are an addition to my pony hair leopard family :) (My aim is to get the miumiu ones I know they're on sale but I cannot afford them but I know some day, just someday I'll get them) Another pair to be posted another day when I have the time :)

Tell me about it about owning cows. How convenient to just print some leopard prints on them and I can be chic HAHA :P

and that black stage thingy underneath the shoes are my new weighing scale. :) Trust me to weigh myself daily cause this thing is in my room -_- I'm happy with the progress but no one is satisfied until we succeed. Long way to go, but I give myself till, June. I can do this. :D

I think I should just turn into a Vegetarian. So many of the weightloss blogs that I've been to, they're super super pro at this and they're vegetarian. Meats have very very high calories and some veggies even have NEGATIVE cals -_-

Seriously, my dad has been giving me all these pressure I feel like punching him (just kidding daddt). And I tweeted "When people gimme the "are u gonna eat that" look/talk, I hope a lump of fat is growing in their thighs." Hate it when people often look down on me and not giving me encouragements but to give me reverse psychology. I went for a half hour run at the park and ran back JUST in time for a horrific thunderstorm yesterevening.

at least 30 minutes of cardio a day
calorie intake of as little as possible (make that 500 haha I WISH)
no snacking (well unless it's yogurt, muesli, fruits, veg)


Anonymous said...

You can do it! I'm on diet too ^^

I'm doing 30 minutes cardio, 4 times a week & yoga. 1000 calories ^^

You can do this okay!!!!!
Love your Zara loafers :)
Let's gogogo!

Anonymous said...

I have been saying i want to lose weight for years. its been a yoyo and i sort of give up.
but ... i will start again, from 2morrow.
i know diet doesnt work for me, i have weak willpower. so i will just stick to 30 min exercise 3 days a week. see where that will get me.

let's do it !

mustardqueen said...

anon1: yeayyy to u :) welcome to a healthier lifestyle and a soon to be healthier and thinner fitter u!! :D I'm not going for yoga first cos I need to lose the fats first haha then prolly yoga to tone :P

anon2: that's good enougH!!! Soon ur determination will build up when u start to see slight differences :) Then ur stamina will slowly build up and u can do longer than 30 minutes and more than 3 days a week. All the best to us :D