Saturday, February 05, 2011


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I've been put on a mission to clean my room (and jing's, we share a room, we sleep together wtf) and was given X amount to do it as a reward but now I doubt the reward can be redeemed cause I didn't clean the other parts of the house. la la la.

So, steps to clear shit in the room:
1. Pack all of jing's clothes on the floor, pack it in a black rubbish bag and throw it put it on the top cabinet that hasn't been used since we moved in (read: 10 years)
2. Throw all unnecessary shit that hasn't been touched for more than a year and above, which includes old magazines on top of the "study", earings that hasn't been worn since 2005 (trends came and went, oh shit should I be keeping them).
3. Clear the drawers, with "art work" I kept since primary 5 -_- SERIOUSLY that was the year I moved hahaha

1. cruel
2. mean
3. heartless

It was quite easy. Just throw whatever I haven't touched/seen for ages. But I did NOT throw away my old sticker album and photos. :) Those are memories.

And also cross stitch guide books, who knows someday I might need them to sew cushions in my future home. Ahhh memories, I used to be so obsessed over them I spent hundreds of dollars on them. I even once sewn this Stila girl for their 10th anniversary competition for Citta Bella for a RM500 hamper. I won. I received a package with a congratulatory note and goodies with several free makeover which I shared with my sisters.

Just some pictures of my favourite corner in the room :) And also the time I spent most other than my bed haha

love my new mirror. It was a gift from Naomi when she was trying to clear her things at Tea & Sympathy =((( Gonna miss that place and the pretty things T_T

I'm Kitty obsessed all of a sudden. Even my desktop image is Kitty now :D No more geeky fat cat with glasses heeee

And I found my Kitty merchandise from Taiwan (ok not found but finally opened them) and realise my Hello Kitty was dressed in a Bunny French Maid :) PERFECT for this lunar new year. BUNNEHHHH :D

It's a mechanical pencil! (thought it's a pen but then ink runs our quicker!) and this little sucker cost a bomb I could easily buy 8 to 10 normal mechanical pencils -_- BUT ITS PURDEEEE

Yeah shall take summore pictures of my room later. :) Hopefully I'll get a super nice shoe racks for my shoes hehe some of them are still in Melbourne and some are still in my suitcase -_-


Kit Yan said...
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mustardqueen said...

kityan: Thank u for ur kind words but Jing as my sister, I guess I know her better than any of her reader, and maybe more than her boyfriends and best friend. I do not appreciate you putting personal attacks on Jing and on the other hand ur sorta "supporting" me. I love my sister to bits and I do no wish that people will write negative things about her, especially in my blog. Play nice.

Kit Yan said...

i'm not sorta 'supporting' you. i'm just telling you what I really think. Everyone has their own personal opinions. You write blog posts to express yourself, to let other people hear you out, comfort you, and tell them what your thoughts are. You in return would sometimes want a response so that people acknowledge how you feel.

No doubt you (and your family) know her better than anyone else. Well then, out of curiousity, why does she like to post pictures of her branded goods and claims everything is hers? I just find it weird for a 22 year old to be doing that. Doesn't she feel embarased? If you think I'm attacking her and I'm saying the wrong things about her, please enlighten me about her to prove a valid argument. No, seriously.

So that at least people are aware of the things she do. A lot of us are curious on what she gets through doing so.

mustardqueen said...

Kityan: well in your first comment (which I deleted) u mention about how nice I am and supporting me but on the other hand ur expressing about how you feel about my sister in my blog. I find it quite odd actually, what is wrong with asking this question yourself instead of trying to get answers from other people? If you want a 100% certain answer to clear all of your queries, you should best ask then from her!

And I don't see a word in her blog post claiming that "everything" is hers. Did she?

And what bothers you so much that what she is doing now to get to where she is at now? We don't reveal it in our blogs it doesn't mean that we don't do other things ok like I've always said.

Joanne said...

Kit Yan, if you don't like to read what Jing posted then stop reading their blogs. What's the point of reading and posting negative comments about bloggers?

Like you said everyone has the right to express themselves in their own way. If you don't agree to them, then find a blog that suits your liking.

I bet spreading negativity is not what you like to do right? Just respect others, like how you wish others to do the same too.

mustardqueen said...

joanne: Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

erm... can you post photos of room before and after cleaning ? i am so 师奶. i like to see all those housekeeping stuff :p

mustardqueen said...

anon: HAHHHH I dun have before picture, maybe I get frm my sis cos she took one of the room in complete havoc -_-

YiNKy said...

AHAHAHAHHA. THAT STUDY AREA. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. I remember going in to the room and stayed away from that area because it was hella dusty with random stuffs!!!!!!!

glad it's all clean now. :D