Thursday, February 17, 2011


You know after searching for so long, you will know that you've finally found it. The one that you have passion about, and that it is something you will never get tired and sick of.

I think I've finally found it. Food!!

(yeah I know diet yah but this is about passion not eating, but yea part of it eating hehe)

I know that I'm still starting and sometimes I flung it, but at least I have the heart to start learning and never give up. I remember the first time I baked was when I was in form 5, was baking for the then unsuccessful prom committee to raise funds. Cookies it is. The recipe turn out to be a good one, but then, well, one can only succeed so many times, the cookies were yummy but too soft. =/ And a little too sweet. I remembered that my house smelt like vanilla heaven of cookies. Good times. My first oven (still using it!) is well, a cheapo brand, though too small to fit a 12 cupcake pan, but nothing but a few more cupcake paper won't hold the batter.

I was always curious on how my maid whip out dishes from the kitchen, and was always sneaking in to help her to fry chicken or other food. Tip? Add an egg to the meat then dip with corn starch and fry. It taste better (not that nobody knows already). She thought me how water from tofu will make it pop a lot (ahhh the times when the oil pop onto my skin, screams in the kitchen) and squids... Oh sotong oh sotong always the one I'm so afraid to throw it into the boiling oil.

Then it was time for me to face challenges in life, to live a life by myself, cooking everyday. Still doing it now (though just veggies and simple meals cause I'm eating alone duh) and somehow, things just seem to be worth it. :) Like how I baked cookies for Seulgi (my date for Valentine's day hahahahaha) and how she loved it. It's worth the effort and time.

I enjoyed walking through aisles of crockeries and cooking utensils, measuring cups of precision and comparing which spatula is better. I hate how those non-stick utensils melt so quickly after a few cooks, it annoys the hell out of me -_- Expensive pans make me swoon, shiny spoons make me drool. Everything goes into your mouth and in to your body, it must be good.

I enjoy how a good spatula sweeps the buttercream so smoothly from the mixing bowl, and how the construction of a whisk can make so much difference to meringue. It is science for hungry people afterall!!

I'm going for a short class this weekend to learn to make macarons!! It's definitely a price to pay but let's see what this will bring me. 6 hours, countless ganache mixing and stiff peaks forming on egg whites, we'll see what will inspire me next. It's one of the highlight of my trip this time and I hope to take lots of pictures (and maybe videos too!). Excitedddd already can't wait!! :D OH best part?? I'm going all the way to Sydney for the class :P:P And also to celebrate Jing's birthday :D

See, thinking about it already I'm grinning :P

Was craving madly about peanut cookies (and binge on them please read emo post below told ya was PMS-ing haha) and I made it :P Really not too bad for a first timer, just that I opt for a healthier choice and added a lot less oil! Well, you gotta pay your health for a smoother cookies, I prefer health!!


It was pretty easy!!! 4 ingredients only who would have thought!!

grinded peanuts (powder form or if you like crunch, blend it less fine), sunflower oil, flour and sugar!! Oh and egg white to finish off.

Erm what you didn't know was I couldn't bear myself for eating anymore of the cookies I threw away the last ten or so cookies. I just can't bear myself binging anymore =(

Bad news T_T I think I've gained some weight over this week =((((( Been going out a lot so have been eating out ohhh xenical please save me T______T

argh. that's what I hate most about diets =(( You have to sacrifice the thing you love most for something. T_T kill me.

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sherlyn said...

u know wat? i love peanut cookies the most!!!!! but wat disappoint me was...nowadays they dont taste like wat they were!!! i miss those real traditional peanut cookies! n i srsly adore ur hardwork cooking for ueself everyday!!! I cant!!! I can only cook porridge with fried eggs + steam veggie n tat's all :((((
between, i srsly agree wit ur *passion to food* too! sometimes i told were meant to be eaten by human! this is our privilege leaving as a human in this world! lolzzzz n my result will definately be...OMG! GAINED ONE MORE KG LIAO DIEDIE lol!

jiayou gal!! keep fighting!!!