Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Excuse me

Excuse me while I go cry myself to sleeeppppp T_T

OK fine I lied I'm not crying but I feel guilty. EMO, PMS-y cause I sorta binged eat , well there is no sorta, binge eating is BINGING. T_T I had like ramen for lunch (of course I had as little as I could prolly half the portion with chashu), froyo with muesli (How can I miss this it's Igloozoo!!), came back had my usual soup pack + kimchi + egg with buckwheat noodles, then I snacked on peanuts and I had peanut cookies T_____T Don't ask me where I got it from I baked myself and I am about to stab myself to remove the cookies off myself T_T And the fact that menses is coming soon ain't helping cause my belly/tummy gets really big during menstrual and I hate it. -_- ccb HOW HOW HOW I am still stuck at this godforsaken weight, it has been like, damn long?????? I hate this "i am trying so hard but the weight never go down" phase, it killllllssssssss me...

The last time I went on a diet (3 years ago) I was stuck at 75kgs and it never went down till like, I don't know damn long. then I stopped at around 60 plus kgs -_- (well probably heavier cause I then realised 3 years later that my weighing scale is screwed) and now I'm stuck at jengjeng..... 70 fml. YAH laugh. Laugh all you want, try carrying the weight upon yourself and walk everyday, live a life, ya think it's easy? If you think "dieting" is so easy then don't do it. No one is forcing you.

nanenonunnnnaennenajfaefnjabf I think I need to get back on vegetarian. MUSTMUSTMUSTMUSTMUST!!!!! T_______T

fucking hate myself.

ps: don't be surprise if this post is deleted later on hehehehehe