Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pooping rainbows

We were planning on surprising Jing on the day we arrived in Sydney cause didn't get to celebrate Jing's birthday on that day itself. She mentioned she wants a cake and must be "something cute". So I had the grand plan of making a rainbow cake adapted from Martha Stewart, well it's actually something whipped up by Whisk Kid (my current favourite baking blog lovelove). To make even layers of the cake, it requires LOTS and LOTS of icing and we know that anything made from too much butter and sugar is not good *cough*

So the ambitious me decided to make a cream cheese frosting with lemon zest!!! Sounds yum, it is yummy =p

And we were joking how eating the whole cake will make us all shit rainbows like Unicorns wtfff



1. Before adding colouring
2. After half a bottle of the colouring wtf we were suppose to use Gel colouring for more saturated colours but I couldn't find them at Safeway or Coles so had to settle for normal food colouring. Hence "pastel" like colours, perfect for SS11 wtf Proenza Schouler you hear me haha
3. Into the baking pan :D
4. Stack stack stack with cream in between :P
5. Covered with yummy icing and wax -_-
6. When cut open!!! So colourful :P

Please bear in mind this is my first time frosting a cake and I have no suitable tools except for a rubber spatula and a butter knife lol. The layers look a lot more even after the cake was refrigerated though!!! And it's yummy :D Oh god I was checking with Jon regarding the ingredients they have at home and oh boy they were so little plain flour left but we have self raising flour so had to settle, end up with a self-made concoction of 1/2 cup plain flour and 2 cups of self raising flour for 6 layers of cake! It turned out good. I also added 2 cups instead of 2 1/3 cups but it tasted okay, could be less sweet too! :P

The icing was made from approx 3 bars of cream cheese (cough) and about 1/2 stick of butter and lots of icing sugar =/ Oh welllllll I scooped the icing out when eating the cake *guilt*

Awww but the colour are so so pretty :))))))) HAPPY! :D


Ayuni said...

look tasty!

Sherlyn said...

OMG!!!! Wat a big success!!!! I'm so desperate wanna taste it now in such a midnight!!!!! Lol ha

azi who? said...

like one those cakes i always see on tumblr, bravo! :)
im jealous, i dont have sister brother mother who care to bake me a rainbow cake. :(

Anonymous said...

the cake looks so cheerful !

shelbybaby said...

aaargh ♥ ♥ ♥!! i've always wanted to bake myself one but am such a retard in the kitchen... i wish i was that person jing!!

mustardqueen said...

ayuni: it turned out quite yummy considering it's jst normal sponge with colouring =p oh the cream cheese made the most difference ;P

sherlyn: HAHAHA YAHHH was quite surprise it turned out quite good =P taste like normal cake with cream cheese la haha jst less colour =P

azi: awww tumblr lol i'm way behind!! Need to practice more on frosting the cake then maybe yes can go on tumblr lol

anon: YES IT DOES!! Cheers my day up whenever I eat but bad for waist line hahaha

shelby: LOL Jing sister ma so she gets the privelege =P

shelbybaby said...

oh then... i wish i was your sister from a different mother!! ;D

mustardqueen said...

shelby: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH wellllll just be very nice to me and I'll make you pretty cake lololll