Friday, February 25, 2011

Tie a Yellow Reebonz on the Old Oak Tree

Today I'm going to sell you a bag. Not a real bag bag but to convince you WHY I should win this lovely nude shade Marc Jacobs The XL Single bag :D Reebonz have came up with this lovely contest for us to win our desired bags just by posting pictures of our spring outfits!!! What not to love about spring?? Imagine running through fields of daisies, galloping horses in the meadows, faded sun rays in the horizon... Ahhhhh talking about these make me think about Melbourne!!! :D


Spring to me is about florals, soft textures, pastels, something very... Soft hahaha. So I've came up with 3 outfits that I think that is my "style" and not all too floral and too bright (eventhough I know that SS11 is all about colour blocking and mixing prints but it has to suit your own style!)


Marc Jacobs The XL Single

Seen this baby in real life and it is the right shade of nude (just the way I like it) and soft quilted leather (mmmm we eat leather didn't cha know) and I love how it can be used as a sling bag, shoulder bag or even a clutch!!! I'm a sucker for bags that has a longer strap (best if they have top handles too :P but that's besides the point cause I think right now this will make the perfect bag for all seasons, even SS12,13,14,15 etc)

Look 1: Bohemian Rhapsody (I'm so bad with names -_-)
top: Zhuhai ;denim shorts: Forever 21 ;necklace: Josh's ;Ring: Sportsgirl ; Bracelet: Sportsgirl; Bag: Soon to be Marc Jacobs :p; Shoes: Josh's haha

I'm kinda into this bohemian gypsy thing lately (like very rustic rings, big chunky accessories, tassels, fringes, braids, fortune tellers etc :P) hence my kaftan top!! I love this top cause it has this fringe all over and love the batwing sleeves that covers my flab, and the bag, will be perfect to sling over my body so when I try to "fly" with my tassel sleeves, it won't obstruct! :P I'm doing the "squat" pose directed by Refinery29 wtf :P

Look 2: Pastel Cutouts
floral print cutout dress: Mossman; Vampire fangs necklace: Josh's Shoes: Nine West

I like how the Koreans always have a sling bag over their bodies when they are out, I asked my friend Seulgi, she says she just like a small bag and doesn't like to carry around such a big bag unless they're going for classes. So this bag would be perfect when I'm heading out in a dress (and look "demure" lol)

Look 3: Pleats Please
top: Portmans; pleated sheer maxi skirt: Tattoo; shoes: Zu (Jing's); belt: Zara (Jing's); silver choker: Suzuki Market

like my skirt!!??? I loveee it got it at 20-30 bucks cheaper than Forever New :P:P And it's pretty and sheer wtf

My favourite part of Spring is the weather!! The sheer maxi skirt would be perfect for the perfect weather cause it won't be too warm for springy weather!! :D Well you can call this a "night" spring look with the long skirt and you can use the bag as a clutch (not in Malaysia fml cause will get robbed wtf) and the gold chains on the bag is just glam glam glam for night event or even a casual picnic at the park (YES I wear sheer stuff to picnics please refer to my sydney post last December haha)

Please remember to vote for me if I get into the "best entry" category as the Reebonz Fashion Friend okay!?!! :D Right now just erm look at my overly PS-ed pictures (to look thinner hehheeh). Show me some love readers :D

disclaimer: I sort of erm ps-ed away my love handles in the cutout dress so what you see may not be real wtf :P


revel in me said...

Walao you damn clever to ps the bag in hahaha!! *respect max*

Anonymous said...

I dont care what you say, your second look with that cutout dress is HAWTTTTTT! YOU look hawt!! ;D

Anonymous said...

lovely. you have my vote!

Anonymous said...

So pretty! And you look skinnier! How's your diet going? :D

skim said...

love love! you are looking fab ps or no ps. <3

mustardqueen said...

RIM: to convince ppl that it'll look EVEN NICER when I'm using it in real life not PS-ed in wtf

anon1: Aww thank u thank u photoshop can make anyone hot wtf even Dolly Parton hahahahaha but THANKS!!!

Anon2: hahaha that is IF I get into best entry la then only you vote k!!!

anon3: thank you!!! Not skinnier la cause I photoshop myself to look thinner wait til you see the before pictures you'll go blind wtf haha =P Diet plan fail since my trip to Sydney -_-

skim: hahaha THANK YOU <3

Anonymous said...

Congrats. I think ur diet is successful as shown in ur second pic w flora dress. Keep going. And u look gorgeous with ur hair tied up. :)

Lim Shuyan said...

love your pics ! and the photoshopped-in-bag looks so real i thought you already owned 1 haha. where did u take these pics ? its beautiful !
check out my entry too. all the best !

mustardqueen said...

anon: not successful yet la I photoshop my pics a lot leh wait till you see the before -_- which I'm not gonna show lol :P hhahaa i prefer tying my hair up so can show my pretty face WTF

limshuyan: Thank you!!! hahaha it would look more "real" if I twitch the lightings more to blend in but oh well!! The bag will hang smaller on my frame tho =p took this pics at my sis's bf's place in Sydney just the "garden" at the apartment. :)

xiang yun said...

Superlove the Look:2 cutout dress look!!! You look so pretty and ladylike.. (Y) super pretty!!! T.T

mustardqueen said...

xiangyun: Thank u!!!!! I reallly like that dress toooo but dun have the confidence to wear it out YET cause the cutout will show my lovely love handles LOL but thanks :D

Joce said...

love the styles! u look really sweet and demure in the first pic for look#2 :)

LavenderFloret said...


very rustic, almost cant recognise u in outfit 2!!!

Faridah Zulkiflie said...


You look super lovely, as always!

mustardqueen said...

joce: *blush* hahaha thank you :D

winnie: hahahahha cannot recognise cause photoshopped LOLLLLL

baby: THANK YOU!!!!! You looking mighty fine yourself!! =D