Friday, March 18, 2011

Best Breakfast

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I'm not sure about you but breakfasts are one of my favourite favourite part in the food world, I like dinners, but I love breakfasts. I often find dinners to be a tad too formal, and maybe a little stressful cause you need to dress up (I mean it in a way that dinner as in more atas dinner).

I fell in love with Mart 130 in Melbourne. I remember the first time I went there, it took us quite some time to figure out the routes, but it was actually really "convenient" to travel there (minus the time part). Just one tram ride away from Bourke Street :D I love breakfasts in Melbourne. The aroma of freshly grinded coffee beans, blanching in the espresso machine, mixed with steamed hot milk. My pick?? Skinny latte, no sugar. I want to taste the coffee, not another sweetened beverage.

Here's some of the picks I've had in the past few visits (of course I didn't have all by myself, some were Jing's some were Josh's)

Homemade sausages with rhubarb relish and poached eggs
Corn fritters with tomato chutney and bacons
Fluffy pancake stacks with cherry compote and vanilla bean mascarpone
brioche french toast with bananas, macadamia nuts, vanilla bean mascarpone and orange syrup.

My favourite?? Brioche french toast. It never fail to surprise me everytime I visit that place. Each bite is a delight to my tastebuds. And every swap of vanilla bean mascarpone on my toast excites my taste buds. I have a realllly sweet tooth. I kick start my day with this sinful serve french toast.

Another things is that, it is so hard to find different kinds of bread in KL. =/ I actually contemplated to make my own bread, just to recreate this dish. =( It'd be suchhhh a waste if I don't get to eat it ever again. hurhur T_T I'm having some serious Melbourne withdrawal after returning to KL, and visiting the supermarkets. YES they have plenty of food of various ingredients but it's not what I want. It's just different. I think they should import the cows from Australia and just breed it here. The cheese, the milk, the yogurt, it's just DIFFERENT. =( Oh not forgetting the chocolates. T_T And yes I did found some substitutes, still made in Australia, but it's god awful expensive. Seriously?? RM20 for a tub of yogurt....


On a brighter note, I got a new toy!! :P A blender/mixer hhehehehehehe Is it wrong to be ultimately happy whenever I get new kitchen equipments? :P I can't wait to get my hands on a Kitchenaid counter stand mixer and a new oven. :))))))))))

ps: I find the 2nd picture of the corn fritters looked absolutely amazing, my mouth waters everytime I see that picture lol.

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siaolee said...

i understand how you feel in regards to grocery shopping in kl... even after 3 yrs back from melb, i still hate grocery shopping in kl...

did you try st ali? i think their breakfast is awesome! i cant get their parmesan toast out of my head