Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bring me some Crayola

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Ever since I started to hang out with Seulgi, who loves everything colourful and influences people around her to love colours and more colours and more colours, I'm hooked. What more with this current season of colour blocking, I walked into Zara yesterday afternoon with a shriek in my mind. I look calm and repose in person, but inside I was thinking oh shit this is so Jil Sander and this green black stripe top is rip off of Prada not that I'm complaining, Zara always make designer inspired clothes with their own flair!!

Then if was off to some makeup searching. Anyone knows where do they have a YSL beauty counter in KL? I checked the official site they say they have it in Parkson and Tangs Pavilion but when I went there no YSL counter BOOOOO =((( Their lipsticks are amazing. and I must say I need to get my hands on at least a couple of them!!!!!

So like, something cool happened yesterday that involves Moet and Chandon for tea with strawberries, something inspiring, something mind boggling, and got me a tad too high to drive and end up eating Carolina Chicken Tenders at Tony Romas and buying several tubes of lipsticks and a pair of shoes.

TIP for camwhoring in front of mirrors, especially in changing rooms, if they have more than one piece of mirror, angle it in a way your sorta between 2 mirros so that when you take picture, the side of the mirror with another side will "eat up" parts of you making you look thinner if you get what I mean. HAHA Learnt this trick after checking myself out at rach's apartment lift everyday HAHAHAHAHAH

LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress from Zara. When I saw the bright coral, with green trimming, I was sold. Eventhough you can't see the green lining when worn but at least I feel CUTE when wearing it hahahahahaa =p

my first "attempt" into incorporating more colours to my outfits instead of monochrome colour blocking hehe AND I'm wearing the lipstick Seulgi got me from the Wonder Woman collection by MAC. Loving it, and I got the red one as well hehe :P

top: forever new; dress (worn as skirt): zara; belt: supre; socks: jing's; shoes: sportsgirl; ring: asos; bag: chanel; lip colour: Spitfire by MAC

Malaysian weather is killing me. humid. and the sun, OH THE SUN once I step out of the shade my eyes went blank, too glaring. Where my sunnies at!?


revel in me said...

Eh quite nice what the picture I took! :D

And you look very pretty in the changing room pics..T_T

Kimmy said...

Those socks! Do you know where your sister got it from? Been looking around for it but can't find it anywhere... boo.

You look like you've lost weight again. :) Pretty outfit, I like ze skirt and socks + clogs.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Something different from your normal ones

Anonymous said...

you look great !

Jing said...

How come i do not remember this pair of socks? *scratches head*

mustardqueen said...

rim: hahaha thank u thank u!! that's cause the mirror sorta ate half of me + ps so look nice =PPPP

kimmy: I think topshop but am not sure, cause she usually get her socks from topshop, if ur in melb, try forever new? And erm well I know myself best la, maybe I lost a little weight but I definitely PS-ed a lot away hheehhehe

anon: hahaha this is a self indulgence post of myself =p

anon: Thank u!!

jing: i found it in your drawer so yah shud be yours hahahaha

xiang yun said...

So pretty! :) Love the outfit and how you wore the socks with the shoes!

Anonymous said...

You're looking prettier by the day! And your hair aaahhh it looks amazing. I really need to know who this amazing hair dresser of yours is. :P

Anonymous said...

you look slimmer ! :D

mustardqueen said...

xiangyun: Thank u thank u!! :) actually inspired by the ppl in Melb la a lot of them wear clogs with socks ehehehe

anon: THANK U!!! My hair is quite jialat/ugly now cause my roots are showing a lot (1-2 inches gah the horror) and it's getting out of shape like a mushroom -_- I have been going to Yen @ Wenawave Times Square :)

anon: hahaha Photoshop!!!! I know how the original photos look like you'll be shock if you see the befores hahahahahah

siewkwan said...

Why no one commented on the lipstick? I LOVE IT! You look soooooo gorg in them!!! :)

Thistle Trinkets said...

Loving every outfit... U do wear bright very well.... I am inspired!

And I love the new zara collections too!!! I was mentally screaming for all the colours when I was in there!

mustardqueen said...

siewkwan: hahahaha they say i look good ma hahaahaha THANK U! :)

thistle trinkets: thank u thank u! I need to grow out of the monochrome days I wear too much black!! :) yahhh i was kinda beaming around Zara haha =p