Sunday, March 20, 2011

Melbourne Skies

Please clear this babies for me. New items updated at Boudoir-Boudoir. :) I'll laff you forever =D

My last morning in Melbourne (don't worry there are still loads of pictures from Melbourne but I miss the blue skies. Not cloudless this time, there were loads of fluffy clouds in the 9am skies. Was up early enough for some overpriced corn fritters and french toast. haha


And the newly revamped Myers. It's gorgeous... Love how all the malls in Melbourne has this "open concept" with glass window ceilings or whatever high tech name you may suggest. Especially when the skies are all blue and cloudless, prettty~~

The feeling of you going up an escalator with the glass panels by the side, I don't know the feeling is spectacular, especially when you reach a floor filled with clothes :D haha just sayinggggg..

YEAY got new oven. :))))) *rubs hands* Can't wait to try it out =*

PS: VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION!!!! I'm going to see Yen this coming Tuesday and I'm contemplating whether or not to go back red or some brown shade, cause of job hunting whatsoever but that's beside the point, hair more important wtf. Red or No Red? :)


Thistle Trinkets said...

I love the new myer concept too.

So much more spacious unlike the old layout - that is dated!

And glad u got an owen! Hope to see more beautiful bake goods from u!

Anonymous said...

hi there

for the prospect of job hunting, maybe no red for a while.

But if you are going into creative industries, they might like people who are hip/ fashion forward...

After the interview, if you find the atmosphere in the office is welcoming to new things, you might want to dye red again~


Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon.
No red. judge when you are in the job, to see how flexible the environment is.

Anonymous said...

Lose the red. it wasn't a good look on you to begin with....

mustardqueen said...

thistle trinkets: HAHAH YES was super psyched when I got it!! :D And the new Myer layout so modern and vibrant after the renovation!! Love the glass ceiling thingy :D

anon1: I hate how it's stereotyped that having coloured hair means no good performance cause your either an ah lian or that you're not professional I thought it's all about the performance!! Hate how they judge so much by outlooks and not by performance, and I thought performance is most important.

anon2: Similar to what I've answered to anon1, I just don't get why ppl often perceive "bright hair colour" to unprofessional, when in Australia, the ppl has all sorts of hair colour and I'm well aware they are born with blonde hair or red hair but still? Why are they more open minded as oppose to this dated boring tradition they have been following? Seriously ppl should open up their minds T_T Thank you though for your opinion.

anon3: Thanks but contrary to the many many comments I get from readers, friends, strangers they think I look fine with my red hair. Whatever floats your boat. :)