Monday, March 21, 2011

Pre-Love Re-Love

Updated Boudoir-Boudoir. :)

Was invited by sweet Jezmine to the upcoming Pre-Love Re-Love sales!!! This time with Manny my sister and 7 other girls' wardrobes to raid from!! :)

it'll be held at Jezmine's shop Old Blossom Box (AH it'll be my first time visiting there after so many raves about her shop!) Address and details as depicted. :)

and the 9 girls includes my sister, me, Jezmine Blossom , Ediana La Lurve, That Girl Cynthia, Ami Sputnik Sweetheart, Lyana Uberlove, Adriani Yanny and Nana Jepunnye. Some of the girls were actually from selltrade_kl (which was once a real hit, we three started off selling pre-love stuff there!! GOOD TIMES :D)

Drop by and say hi, and raid some robes I say! :D

OH pardon my picture was a little stretched in the poster (but it's okay that's how I look like in real life wtf).

A friendly note, be a smart shopper, bring your own bags instead of using more plastic bags yea?? Also bring more cashhhhh hahahah :) See you all soon =D

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