Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Vague memories

Not sure what have been happening but I have been experiencing dejavu (not sure if it is an experience or occurrence or like an object hmm) very often these days and it sorta makes me happy that I think I'm on the right track in my life? Not sure how true this is or according to Wikipedia I'm having anxiety attacks or schizophrenia wtf

I have been longing to watch Disney movies (the classic ones) and I got some from Rachel hehehehe free downloads FTW! I remember vaguely how the movies go and I cannot remember a single thing from Snow White apart from her face (which IMO, she has a lot of makeup on wtf) and I only remembered some small parts in the Sleeping Beauty. I remembered most scenes from Cinderella cause she's my favourite Disney princess neee =3 Aurora is pretty too!! Red lips that shames the rose wtfwtf


Favourite scene "Look glass slippers!!" hahah cause I love shoes.

Le sigh. After watching all these shows I wonder how stupid we were as kids to believe a true love's kiss will revive a "death sleep" or poisoned till half death. -_- And how people can fall in love at first sight -_- but this is how we all want to believe no???

A dream is a wish our heart makes when we are asleep. Ahhh favourite quote.

ROAR I need to drag my ass to the gym -_- if I tell you what I ate today you will shake T_T


Anonymous said...

Which gym do you go to ? ^_^

mustardqueen said...

anon: i'm currently going to the gym located at the apartment. I'm still in melb!

Xen Lee ♥ said...

Cinderella was (is? haha) my fave Disney Princess too! As much as I love her, I cannot help but laugh at how she talks/sings to the clock which wakes her up in the morning HEHEHE.

You know how Disney movies are good at making kids cry, right? I laughed at my sis cause she cried profusely when Mufasa fell to his death! I found it hilarious. Until my mother said when I about 4 she heard me crying and rushed out to see what happened- apparently Snow White 'died'. Hooo kayyy. I guess when you are 4, Disney movies were real, kisses can revive you, an apple can kill you and lions, rats, and all animal can talk. And you do not question it! Hehe.

Enjoy your last week/remaining days in Melb! (: