Sunday, March 13, 2011

Who wore it better?

After following man repeller for quite some time, I'm now sort of a fellow repellow. Guess who am I channeling today!???

It was my last night in Melbourne and travelled to Prahran and I love that place!! SHould have went there earlier and slowly discover the treasures ie shops haha!!!



And if you haven't already know I'm channeling Cat in a Hat (starring Mike Myers haha). Who wore it best wtf.

I'm emo =(( I'm reallly going to miss Melbourne so so so so so so so much words could never describe. It's played such a big part of my life, being away from my family, made friends that were to last for life. Moments that will never be forgotten. =(

PS: Off to the airport in a bit. I'll be back soon, just a matter of time. :)
pps: looking forward to going back home, that means diet starting again (my diet plan went haywire after realisation that I'm leaving Melbourne soon, god knows what have I been putting into my mouth!) and gym. and well, less meals a day heh!

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revel in me said...

I lurveeee seulgi's make up! <3