Friday, April 08, 2011

I Don't Love You Anymore.

If given a situation that, your lover were to tell you something REALLLY bad. Like the worst thing that could EVER happen to you, what would it be? Name 3 things that could be the worst that your partner/husband/boyfriend/lover will tell you.

Mine would be (in no particular order)

1. I don't love you anymore.
2. I'm gay.
3. I had sex with another woman.

Can I see a Y U NO face now LOL. Seriously, tell me, what could be the worst thing that your partner can tell you!?


Anonymous said...

I have aids

Anonymous said...

I am actually your brother

Neesa said...


1) You, long distance relationship doesn't work for us, but now I have a new long-distance relationship with someone else that I met from Facebook, I hope it will work out well,

2) I want u to be my soul-mate, not a lover..

3) I love you..but I love her more..goodbye..

Those 3 reasons are given by the same person after 9 years of 'true love' relationship. wasting time though? dunno..can't complain much 'bout it.

skim said...

you've put on so much weight!

azi who? said...

numb 3!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sick and dying.

Rachelle said...
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Rachelle said...

"I've never loved you.." :( I think that would hurt.. lol

Anonymous said...

I slept with your best friend on the day before our wedding! efffff

[ miss hazel ] said...

1. i'm in love with another woman now.

2. I had sex with her/I cheated on you.

3. I dont love you anymore.

gin said...

1) we didnt make it cos you're fat

2) you said you love me but it was all bull shit now when you are seeing someone new.

3) i feel you...but I'm sorry.