Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Wallet Issue

I'm facing a lot of issues. On to more superficial (and I know cause you like it hahaha) issues. It is about time for me to change my wallet (after quite a few years the colour fading blabla and because one should actually change their wallet for obvious reasons every few years (to stay in trend wtf)

I'm contemplating between these 3. They are allllll SOOOO PRETTY!!!! D:

YSL 'Y' Continental Wallet
Simple, chic, and I love love love the simple Y buckle in front!!! I want this in Red leather actually, but the store in KL only have them in patent and I hate how colours tend to transfer onto patent leather and it's impossible to remove the stains =((( So no patent. Cons? The colour. Black is so... boring and I know it's all classic colour blabla but I want something fun.... BUT I REALLY LOVE THIS WALLET T_T

Marc Jacobs Quilted Zip Clutch

has lots of compartment, able to fit a phone inside, and just like a clutch!!! :D I love how soft the leather is, yet it's quilted so it's not all soft and wobbly like tofu, and mmm I'm beginning to fall deeply in love with MJ even more and more and more =D And the colour is LOVE (no pun intended)

Miu Miu Barbie Pink Bow Wallet

The colour. SOLD. I'm so so so so into these pink lately (the SAs saw me drawing nearer to the rack of pink bags and immediately shove like one whole tray of pink wallets in my face to choose D: super super spoilt for choice but this SHINY number caught my eye. So pretty!!!!!! But it's patent =(((((( Cheapest out of the lot though =/ BUT it'll definitely be a bitch to maintain it T_T I don't wanna have it dyed to a darker colour wtf -_-

Aihhhh HOWWWW!!???? If you're a person who loves classic designs with bright colours, which one would you choose? Definitely something that's hardy and can last at least 3-5 years and will not go out of style. If only they have the YSL wallet in red T_T That's why now I'm leaning more towards the MJ one =/ DILEMMA AR!!!! T_T


Anonymous said...

YSL looks good! Miu Miu looks a bit cheap like pasar malam RM3 wallet.

ally said...

YSL! :) the spore store might have the red one!

Kimmy said...

PINK MIU MIU!!!! SO CUTE!! :) you're still young, get the classic one when you're.. older. :P

I made a mistake of letting go a Prada light pink saffiano leather purse and totally regret it now cause I opt for the "classier" version.

law said...

Definitely the Pink one!

Thistle Trinkets said...

The Miu Miu bow is cute... But if u can get the YSL in red u shld go YSL.... As the whole patent issue.... Previously I had the YSL y mail patent wallet in black... The fingerprints annoyed me.... So try to avoid patent! Kekkekkekke

Nuraini said...

Go pasar malam buy. Cheap and looks just as good.

mustardqueen said...

anon: Well... I think the miumiu looks cute too and I am very sure that it doesnt look cheap in real life at all, it's plastic and very fantastic!!! Ahhhh but the ysl is so purdeeee

ally: REALLYYYY???? My friend got hers in Taiwan!! hurhur but wont travel so far for a wallet hahaa =P

kimmy: hahaha its cute but im so worried bout the thumbprints and when my hand is oily it gets all disgusting. -_- still contemplating

law: vote taken lol. but will still take into consideration of it being patent and thumb prints are sch a bitch to remove!!

thistletrinket: I KNWWWWWW I dunno where I can get it in red leather cos i dun want patent cos it stains when its pressed again another dark coloured leather =/ ahhh and the3 thumbprints also D:

nuraini: Awww I guess you have never seen the real ones thats why you have the misconception of it looking just as good. I'm sure your pasar malam goods look just as good on you too.

ButterflyAngel said...

MIUMIU. ive seen it real life. and its SUPER CUTE. besides, if it gets unsightly, buy another one la. since end of the day, ur gonna change it at one point or another. speaking of which, i want the Hermes red H wallet. ccb, my paris trips all canceled. booo!! =(

Miss Nobody said...

vote YSL, although yes its abit old, but its so classic! if got red really better lo

miumiu d not bad, marc jacobs for me too many compartments make it feel...not like a wallet anymnore

Anonymous said...


lydia said...

Marc Jacobs' RED! ;)

YiNKy said...

i need to get new wallet too because remember the 1 i have? the 1 my mom gave to me last summer? the metalic color is fading. like damn sad la. T_T;;

and as for the choices, u already said u are leaning towards MJ, so go with it. why? because i also think it's the only 1 that shouts ur name - colorful and useful. (because u are like my part time driver. lmao.) as u said, it fits ur phone and all ur 412939102 cards.

as for the other 2, the 1st 1, i like the y because my name starts with a y but it looks too mature and simple for u. u even said it's boring, so scrap it, u'll regret. 3rd 1, miu miu has much more prettier stuff. this looks too cheap. color is barbie but still look cheap pink. :O no wonder it's cheaper. :p

Wilhs said...

Get the one u think about the most before you go to bed. hehe. =D

mustardqueen said...

jean: HAHAHAHHAA i knw right the miumiu is damn cute the pink is to die for!!! :D:D:D:D and oooh hermes wallet I likey =P get fr me frm paris la pr help me see if they have the red ysl :P

nussnobody: yea the MJ is called a clutch fr a reason wtf a lot of compartments but it's niceeeee =(

anon: haha ticks*

lydia: Vote taken lol

yin: OH NO thats why i dun like metallic cos it fades! even if it super exp or super cheap -_- immleaning towards MJ too but i rly like the YYYSL in red =\ just that e one sold in KL is patent makes it look slighjtly cheaper =_=

wilhs: I like what u jst said <3

Anonymous said...

look some more since none is a clear winner.

Jessie said...

YSL - in the colour you like :-) Perhaps try going to Spore

ally said...


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[ miss hazel ] said...

miumiu is reaaaaaaaaally cute!!!!!!

Hannah from Maxwell Scott Purses said...

The YSL is beautiful! Nothing wrong with a classic black colour; it means it goes with everything! If black is to boring why not look for neutral colours in cream or browns. Still classic but not as dull as black!
The Marc Jacobs one is also good - very unusual!

Anonymous said...

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