Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Pack Pack Pack

The thing about packing is that.... There is a weight limit. Often times when you're flying budget, you pack lighter and come back heavier (physically or well, your luggage!). And the thing is that... What does one bring when they go travelling??

I try to pack light everytime but failed to do so every single time. I'll be packing my own shampoo (eughh I hate those Hotel shampoos. Conditioner?? It feels like mayonnaise on my hair!), bodywash etc. And oh don't get me started on the skin care stuff. Thank goodness for travelling size skin care products we get from purchasing the normal stuff!!! If not??? 5 kgs worth of skincare, and I'm left with what? 5 kgs of clothes to bring.

Then I try to recall my daily routine.

Wash my face twice (oil and foam), brush my teeth, shower (body shower, shampoo, conditioner). Toner, treatment essence, serum, moisturizer and pimple gel. And when you return, makeup remover, double cleansing and the same old routine. Yes, oh not forgetting my set of eyes. Contact lenses and solution and the case. I always leave my case behind, and I'll be searching high and low for them, there was once I paid SGD4 (RM10 oh the horror) for the case. I could have gotten a bowl of noodles. T_T And makeup? Primer, concealer, foundation (+brush(, finishing powder, blusher (+brush), eyeshadow (+brush), eyeliner (X2), curl eyelash, mascara. Finish off with lip balm and lipstick (sometimes, more often these days :P). That, is one big bag full of stuff!!! GOD, I didn't know how many thing I have been using till I actually pack them into a "makeup bag" and sometimes I wonder, I should invest in a much bigger bag to fit everything in it. Such small things that we often disregard, plays such big "roles" in our lives haha!!

If I could, I would have brought my hairdryer with me. I can't be calling up the hotel and ask them to prepare some big ass powerful hairdryer just cause I'm staying there :P And my trusty old Lady Jayne hairbrush (there was once I left it behind, and I had bad hair day throughout my trip, it was terrible.)

Extra shoes, extra underwear and maybe not extra clothes (you can rewear them because who cares!? You're on a vacation!!!! haha)

What do you pack into your luggage!?


Zo.e said...

yeaaa couldnt agree much..packing is such a damn pain in the ass.
forget about bringing clothes..buy new ones when you get over there :D

mustardqueen said...

zoe: HAHAHHAHHAAH I like the sound of that I never learn whenever I pack that I'l buy new clothes =p though this habit has gotta stop if we're heading to europe or whatever :P