Friday, April 15, 2011


Update: New items added on Boudoir-Boudoir!! :D (well at least you can do your bit and buy yoself some new clothes and fund this pretty wallet of mine wtf!)

SO.... Some of you have guessed it right (cause you all are so good with brand names)

WAHHHHexcept for that anonymous commentator on my sisters' blog hahaha who can't differentiate authentic and fake hahahahaahaha do you know that you have brought us many tears of joy because you just made yourself looked so so silly :P Joke is on you :P)

I even typed that in smaller fonts to minimize your shame tsktsk.

So yeah to "prove" that you know, my wallet is not some pasar malam rip-off (since when they do such non-prominent brands like miumiu/ysl I still don't get it. Go buy your fucking lv la cb.

Lookie what colour I got!? :D:D:D:D:D My heart still beats so quickly whenever I see it <3


I personally think turquoise kicks red's ass hence RADDER as title wtf. :) And turquoise is my birth month colour, what not to love? =D And say bye to money in my bank account hurhurhur


Thistle Trinkets said...

Omg..... Love the colour..... Perfect choice!

[ miss hazel ] said...


Joanne said...

Ahhhh turquoise is pretty! Good choice hehe!

ButterflyAngel said...

jeongmal ippudddaaaaa.. =)

Rachel said...

Unusual wallet colours ftw!

ally said...

I rike!

T said...

very nice...good choice :D

mustardqueen said...

thistletrinkets: I KNOW RIGHT!!??? I went to the ysl in KL and they didn't carry this colour so I was like YES perfect decision =D

misshazel: <3333333 ;D

joanne: love turquoise =D Thank U! =))))

butterflyangel: eppuji?? Get your H in a super gorgeous shade!! PINK LEATHER :D:D:D:D

rachel: hahaha yeahhhh but i gotta really take care of this though, seeing how I usually throw my wallets everywhere -_-

ally: :D

T: thanks!! =D

Eve said...

so nais...