Thursday, April 28, 2011

Strange and Beautiful

New items added/prices slashed.

Good news and bad news

1. I'm going to deadmau5. DEADMAU5! I need to like let all the stress go away (and if you're asking, what stress you're not even doing anything, hello? Stress looking for a job? And like seeking for what you want? lol)

2. I shall see how long I can maintain this gym routine thingy, I need to like lose 10 kgs for deadmau5 WTF cut off which leg ar? :P:P

3. I just got lectured by my dad and I think I'm hitting an all time low. No, he didn't like point a finger to my forehead and ask me go eat shit and leave the house, but my inner guilt just... I duno, float out of no where. hate this feeling. MEH

4. found a new gym buddy :)

5. want to sleep forever

6. been downing antibiotics like crazy cause I am having "flu" yet again. kanasai la, fever flu sore throat when will this end?

7. Eating yogurt for dinner (yeay lose weight!)

8. A lot of hot people in the gym like... thinspo galore.

9. I've been at a plateau (well to non-dieters (lucky you) it's a weight you maintain for a long time) for like forever but I'm telling myself that, it'll go away soon cause I'm building muscles and gaining mass from it. It's not the weight that I'm concern it's more on the outlook. *consoles*

10. I think I catch a cold from doing wall pushups in the shower while conditioning my hair *shifty eyes* >.>

11. I feel like chopping my arms off, they are... flabby.

12. I am fucking broke, I don't know what am I going to do. Buy my shit here prices slashed.

13. I found some amazing recipes that I want to try out and have already tried out and am very happy with them. :) Next I shall attempt on making macarons again =/ I need to get new pots though it's really hard to use those "viet" stainless steel pots (with the 2 side handle ear bar thingy) to heat the cream and shit. MEH

14. can I like just not do anything and just CONCENTRATE on my diet? Yeah multitasking fail, they didn't teach that when I was in my mom's uterus you see.

15. I don't think I will be able to go on a holiday (where I pick the destination) in the near future (but I'm going somewhere end of may but it's for, religious reasons)

16. I need to stop looking at depressing thinspo blogs, whenever I see them posting pictures of skeletal looking girls I feel like crying, I turn depress too. urgh

17. I need to cut down on sugar like really seriously. But I love baking. fuck.

18. Like, I survived exercising when I'm having "flu", good news right?

19. having this crazy allergy on my neck. It happens when it's hot and humid and rainy and shitty, just in Malaysia I get these crazy shit. See what I mean when I say I don't belong in KL? Yeah now I'm slightly regretting me coming back. Yes that's the pussy in my talking, I'm too afraid to face reality, you got a problem with that?

20. I overphotoshopped my face in my recent pictures. OH and the legs and arms and body too since I'm at it. You see, I'm insecure.

21. I haven't had my period yet. I'm pregnant with my food baby, about 10 years overdue, she's gonna grow up to be like me, so mature yet so young wtf.

22. my nails are disgusting. I wanna rip all the gelly thing off them and my nails will all die. RIP.

23. This is actually a rant post, so bad news for you.

24. I'm afraid the world is going to end in 2012, and how am I suppose to rush and get married have a baby and erm I dunno start a family??

25. I wanna win masterchef, so I don't have to worry about all these shit.

26. this is probably a pms post, but yea bad news for you. this means that my food baby is actually not real so yeay.

27. i was having an epiphany at 7am (that's when I usually get my "realisations", I call it the epiphany hour) and I want a new nose =( nothing drastic, probably just reduction of the sides, they're huge. Well which part of my body isn't, oh wait my boobs :D

28. boobs shrinking kns, already not much left cb

29. i want to fucking kill someone just cause they get on my nerves so much. roar

30. I have been considering too much of what others think of me that... I need to stop doing that, it's not what I like. Yes I do need to take into consideration of others' feelings, but yeah they never care how you feel. that sucks huh?

31. I'm broke (see it's such a serious matter I need to repeat it twice, that's bad news for me.)

32. Please pray for Ami who's going through a really hard time, and I hate how there is nothing we can do but to pray hard for her, and help her out by funding a little of her medical expenses. Shopspuntniksweetheart!!! :D

33. 힘들어서

34. fuck this shit I need to sleep.