Friday, April 01, 2011

Tongue in Cheek

Drop by Chicpop 7 tomorrow Saturday 2nd April, 12pm to say HI to me (and to see how my fat thighs jiggle hahahahaha since I keep saying I'm on a diet you can come see my progress for yoself!)


There will be loads of fun, loads of clothes, shoes, accessories that will be own sale (OF COURSE you must come and support my stall together with Wen and Jing!!) :D And buy my shit so I can fund my PS1 or A. Wang or whatever it is I need a new mixer -_-

There will be "The Biggest Spender" award, to win a bottle of Escada Desire Me Eau de Parfum worth RM220 each and a style shot contest for which you can upload your own pictures onto Tongue in Chic's Facebook page, and get voted for best dressed/styled!!! Winners will receive a bottle of Escada Desire Me Eau de Parfum and Cotton On vouchers worth RM300!! RM 300 is sufficient to buy you an entire outfit from Cotton On and I must say they have really good basic stuff at really affordable prices! :D


Some of the things sold will DEFINITELY be different that the previous sale and the OBB Prelove Relove sale cause they all have new owners already!! :D So do drop by tomorrow at 12 noon or earlier if we're all setup! =) Jaya One! :D

We'll be located in front of Starbucks, or lookout for the Pre-Love section =DDDDD So excited. :) Don't be shy to say HI okay?? :P

Oh the horror what should I wear tomorrow!? D:

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