Thursday, March 31, 2011

The D word: Part Deux

I am so sorry but I need to rant. I went on the weighing scale and noticed I "gained" weight cause I just had a meal, and don't you just hate it when you get a food baby or that you gain 2 kgs just because you had lunch?? Ok fine, not as much as 2 kg but more than the night before! I am obsessed with weighing myself, everyday, few times a day and the thing is that my weighing scale shows different measurement each time ranging with an error from 0.2 to 0.6 kg.

So.... I have been hitting the gym a lot lately just because I can, I swear my back muscles are either torn or whatever cause it hurts like a motherfucker and I want to die everytime I try to wear a bra. I got stuck in my sports bra cause it was too painful to stretch my arms to remove it -_-

But I like the pain. Pain is good, pain makes you stronger!!! I can see my stamina improving, from stopping half way to get water and to rest a little or at least catch a proper breath, to no stopping and I had just jogged 3 miles prior to the class!! :D PROGRESS!!!

Progress makes me happy :) I feel happy, but so so so tired. SO TIRED. I don't know how these people do it. They are so energetic even after like... I dunno, 7 tracks and they can still jump like a starfish and stretch like some rubber band. siao. But Kowtow to that!!!

NOWWWWW, to perfect my pushup. I can never do pushups to save my life and how does one, push yourself so low T____T I can't even angle my elbows properly wtf I feel like my arm's about to break -_- Neeeee I have become those person that whenever I thought about going to the gym, I actually feel excited!! :D

Someone save my knees thanks.


Thistle Trinkets said...

That is great to hear!!! But remember to get enough rest too! Dont over exert yourself!

Flavia said...

I heard apparently the best way to monitor your weight to to weigh yourself once a week rather than everyday. It gives you more of a gap and shows your progress better rather than checking everyday and seeing no difference.
At least that's what I was doing back in was a little more encouraging than doing it everyday :P

Joanne said...

keep it up! You will be reaching your goal soon :) Jia you jia you!

josze said...

Since you've been going to the gym and workout a lot, its very possible that the lean muscle you're developing is contributing to the "extra" kg. lean muscles are fine. they need to be there to burn off the fats! As long as you feel better about yourselves or feel leaner, the number on the scale dont matter that much =)

mustardqueen said...

thistle trinkets: HAHA YES I WILL!!! :) THank you... I KO after my gym session last night -_- confirm got enough rest LOL

flavia: I know it's baddddddd I will try to weigh myself less often cause yeah if I weigh myself too often I tend to giveup easily -_-

joanne: THANK YOU!!! I hope so too but my goal weight seemed to be quite far away still =/

josze: HAHA I read about that too!!! Just that I hope that the muscles I get from working out won't make me look buff =/ I have a reallly big bone structure myself I don't wanna look even bigger D: And just hope those muscles will work their magic and burn off MOREEEE fats heee :)