Monday, May 02, 2011


Seriously?? Sometimes, some anonymous commentators pisses me off a lot. Some are really nice, and you know I love nice people if you're nice to me I'm nice to you. Fair yea?

And some they just have to make themselves look so stupid. Who's losing here? You are. You post stupid comments like spoilt brat, ugly bitch, fat ass, BLABLABLA. No one cares really. Fine I admit, sometimes I do take offense in some of those comments but that's cause how ridiculous they sound sometime. Like things you can't even imagine someone would say it, they said it. To put in so much effort to hurt someone's feelings or to comment on one's attitude? Really? Do you actually know exactly what's going on or who is that or what I'm referring to?

And the thing is I know what I'm going through best and I don't need no random stranger who's seriously insecure about themselves to be hitting harsh comments about myself. Maybe you should probably work on your self esteem before hitting the post comment button. And you did not make yourself sound "correct" by posting such ignorant comments, but rather you showed the world how shallow you are.

Haters be hating but they keep coming back. Thanks for the support though. Eventhough you have so much to say about me, my family, everyone, you're always welcome to drop by again. Oh wait you're already doing that. SUCKA!! hahahahaha

See, now who's having their last laugh?

go fuck yourself.


Xen Lee ♥ said...

What you stated is actually very true, all if not most of the hurtful things people say are just a reflection of their true self and they are just being insecure and jealous of the person that they are hating on.

The reason why they keep coming back at you is prolly cause it irks them to no end that you are not bothered about the things they say :D I remember commenting on one of Hui Wen's posts and the anon responded saying something along the lines of 'it is just their opinion, and though the dress is pretty its not meant to be worn to a bazaar' criticism is meant to be CONSTRUCTIVE else there is no point to it. Saying someone is fat/spoilt/ugly.. and then what? What? What can be done with that useless 'opinion'? And to think people actually took the time to click comment. Digressing a little: i thought Wen's dress was perfectly fine for a bazaar, in the fashion world you can wear whatever to wherever as long as you can rock it. A lot of girls wear shorts out shopping/meals/etc- and Im sure that Anon does too, but shorts are meant for games and home wear! *rolls eyes*

Its so easy to pass comments about someone you dont know under Anonymous. If your life was so perfect and un-flawed, you wouldnt mind leaving an email or fb link for others to judge you as well right? Treat others as you would like to be treated.

To end my comment I just want to tell you that me and my friends think that you are pretty! To be fair, my friends are all hawtt in their own way so that should mean something right? haha. I personally love your style and look, and height and evrything la okay. Bags esp. Hehe. Dont take things so personally and you will be much happier that way (:

Love, Xen

revel in me said...

xen: <3 <3 <3

erv said...

likes this post*

support support~ i love u tingz~~~ <3 xoxo

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