Monday, May 02, 2011

DIY Project

Gonna try to DIY this baby when my beloved bestie is back :D:D:D:D Cannot wait *heart*

I should buy the things I need for this DIY in Bangkok! (yes I'm heading there end of the month) They say I'm living the life of a jetsetter, but they didn't know that jetsetters have a religion too wtf! I'm going there for prayers. I shall start preparing my long list of things to pray for (health, prosperity, love, happiness yada yada) and also what I should do in return. Hmmmm... I think I should make those whiskers with felt instead (can't find plastic unless some perspex supplier would like to make some for me.

KITTY!!!! <3


Anonymous said...

so creative! i love hello kitty!!! remember to show us the finished product! erm regardless how it turns out. :P

revel in me said...

Put me on waiting list for one of these babies, thankyouverymuch.

Xen Lee ♥ said...

double up on Hui Wen's order. one is for me. spankss!! :D

YiNKy said...

luluulululululul. I miss those DIY sessions with you! I should probably go to Japan Town (Yes, there is 1 in SF) and get more bling bibles or diy bibles! <3