Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Saint Germain

Extremely vain picture ahead. You're more than welcome to criticize/compliment. I've thrown away all shame and my face wtf to accept for who I am (except the fact that I still want a new nose heh)


New lippie colour to the familia :D Saint Germain from the Quite Cute collection. I'm thinking of getting the blush cause it's not quite cute it's very cute! With a heart in the middle *melt*

Ahhhh I have been feeling very useless as of lately but today, I just feel so... content. I've been telling people I'm feeling very psyched about life, in an exciting way. I know there are many opportunities awaiting me and I hope it in the best of ways. :) I need to compose myself, sit still and accept them when they come my way. Chances don't come upon often so I shall open up my arms (jiggle my now slightly firmer arms yeay pushups!) I'm not 100% satisfied with where I am heading right now, but there will be one day that those routes will be clear cut, straight up to where I want to be. Right now, I accept faith with a smile, painted with colours ;)

Today I ALMOST, almost hit my 10kg mark (at my hungriest, starvation mode cause I was waiting for my mom for lunch and I waited for 2 hours FML) and for the first time I stepped on the scale it was 65. T____T *tear of joy* But I ate quite a bit today (quite healthy la cept for dinner *cough pizza cough fries cough fish and chips*) but that's to alternate my calorie intake so my body won't get used to the usual amount of calories I take in, so I won't stay at a plateau for another 2 months or so! :)

Probably things are indeed going accordingly after all. :)


Amie 구름. said...

i really adore your red hair :) i've been reading all your posts ever since you went to Korea. thanks for being the daily dose on my lovely Korea, i've always wanted to go there >.<

Rach said...

I still like your yellow shirt.

Anonymous said...

consider braces ! it gives you nicer teeth and jaw ! it changes you face's shape and you get to loose weight !

mustardqueen said...

amie: thank u!! It's fading a lot though!! Turning orange hahhahahaha EH don't just read my Korea posts ok, read allllll the other posts also :)

rach: you are rach as in rachel lian right hahahahahahahaa ITS BRIGHT ITS HAPPY a bit too short tho -_-

anon: I've considered it, been wanting to go to the orthodontist since forever but cause there's a lot of complications for my case so I'm still considering. Another option I'm thinking is invisalign :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your weight loss!! Im around your height but I'm 2kg heavier! Will catch up with you! :P

don't worry about occasional "heavy" meals! I believe it won't affect much. Strive on. :)

weight buddy.

Dawn said...

Yays for your successful weight loss journey! :) I'm forever stuck in this weight loss situation, it just wont shed the extra pounds away. I'm like 8kg away wtf -.-"

I usually treadmill 40minutes to an hour with some weights in the regime. Hope that's enough to trigger the weight loss. hehe

& I gotta say you pretty much inspired me :) Thanks babe.

Anonymous said...

oo yeah ! Heard invisalign is better. good luck to you ! hope to see a prettier ting !

Audrey said...

YAY! Thank you! I've been wanting to see Saint Germain on someone of my skin tone!

Rach said...

Yes Rachel Lian haha. Anyway you know I have been going to the gym too and they say to lose weight you have to do intense workouts. Like intervals. To actually burn stuff. Yeah. I have been doing it and it does work. (:

mustardqueen said...

anon: thank you!! well all the best for us! :D Remember dieting is not a competition, you always try to compete with others but you'll end up giving up even sooner, do it at your own pace! :) Glad to have another weight loss buddy! :D Occasional "heavy" meals is fine, but just don't over reward yourself yea? :) Eat healthily thats the key!

dawn: thank you! ehh ur 8kg away I'm 12 kgs away ok! -_- long way more to go FML. Try doing other cardio too like cycling, cross trainer cause your body will get used to the usual routine and it'll be harder to lose those last few kgs! :) And thank you!! Didn't know I'm an inspiration to some :) It means a lot! =D

anon: yeah but dunno if they have it in KL and if they do it'll cost A LOT! haha thanks! :)

audrey: It's a bit pale but it's ok, with right makeup and all :) Show me pics haha

rach: hahahahaa I do really intense workout I go for classes like kickboxing/aerobics and boyyy do I sweat a lot! It definitely worked for me! :P

Amie 구름. said...

for sure ! lol.