Friday, May 06, 2011

Weight Loss Journey

I'm so happy to read the comments in my previous post about people losing weight for a healthier life and what not, good to hear that we're all in this together and YOU are not alone! :)

Just to share some "tips" which I find helpful but don't think you should actually follow cause well, I feel hungry all the time and it is no fun to hangout with hungry people urgh.

Groceries list:
Special K cereal (I think this is one of the healthier option for cereal cause it's really filling with just small amount, prolly cause it's thicker than usual cornflakes)
Honey (natural one please)
Kimchi (for my korean dish/soup/cold noodle)
Tuna in water (yummmm)
No/low fat yogurt (I buy Yoplait and Farmer's Union greek yogurt, super yumss)
Tofu (really great source of protein)
Milk (well I actually prefer full cream cause seriously skinny milk taste like shit I might as well add water to normal milk)
fruits (banana, strawberry, apple, orange, berries!)
Korean glass noodle (for my cold noodle, it's surprisingly yummy and I love my naengmyun!)
Wholemeal bread (i now have a thing against white bread cause it has more calories!)

Gym routine:
Body Combat (2-3 times a week)
Body Attack (once a week, I can't do more than 1 sorry damn sanfu)
And I usually try to put in a 30 minute jog/walk session + 20 minutes cross training session before/after.

On days I don't go for classes, usually I'll go for 30 minutes running + 20 Minutes cross training.

When you have free time, before you sleep, do some pushups or in the shower while conditioning your hair, do wall pushups haha.

I usually have breakfast at home or go out, try to have soupy meals instead of fried kway teow or ko loh mee cause they put in more oil than the soup base stuff! And try to have bihun instead of yellow noodles or kway teow cause they're more fattening (more carbs!). When I'm home I usually have 1 cup of cereal with few tablespoons of yogurt (Greek yogurt is damn thick so it's sufficient or you can replace with milk) with 1 medium banana. Ultimate start of the day and super delicious.

Before gym I'll prolly have a banana or some cereal or granola bar or a toast or something so I won't faint in the gym doing a crazy session.

Then after gym (sweat yummmy) I'll have some yogurt for dinner.

So... that's like my daily intake and I'd say there's not a lot of food to eat. But when I'm feeling extra hungry I'll have a tuna sandwich (WITHOUT MAYO PLEASE!) with a slice of skinny cheese. Or I'll have my cold korean glass noodle with a bit of sesame oil, oyster sauce, gochujang, kimchi and tuna chunks (it's damn nice!) or my Yukgaejjang stew. :)

note: I'm writing this just to share with you all, but not to ask you to follow it directly. Different people have different taste and different calorie intake requirement so please do it accordingly.

Eat healthy. Be fit!

I'm thinking... My ULTIMATE goal weight is 55kgs. That means I have about... 11 more kgs to go and I don't know... Is it too hard? Cause for my height 55 is pretty crazy and people might start thinking that I have an eating disorder and shit. Also cause I'll be working out pretty intensely and I'll build more muscles and lose fats so, to achieve the figure I want, all tone and lean, I'll weigh more? It's the muscle mass higher than fat mass thingy (so hard to explain it here)

What I'm thinking is, I'll prolly cap at 60 (yeay 6 more to go yippe yaya) and see how things go!!

And a friendly reminder to those who're in this, all you need is a little determination, a dash of stamina and probably 1 tablespoon of initiative. No matter rain or shine, hit the gym! If you think you can never do it, you'll never be able to do it. The day I told myself that I'll never lose weight and shit, I've came a long and hard way and I know many of you can do it too. :) Jennifer Hudson who!?


ruluwee said...

good luck! what's ur height btw? :)

Rach said...

55 is crazy! Cause you are so tall. My sister is like 53! Remember it is important to eat a balanced diet too. Kickboxing. Damn, sounds tiring.

Joanne said...

Now I feel guilty for making up various excuses and end up not exercising at all :(

Must hit the gym no matter how next week must start gym session hehe!

Great to read this post and it gave me the idea of having Korean glass noodle and kimchi for lunch next week haha! (I try to cook lunch on weekdays instead of eating out)

Anyway may I ask where do you get Korean glass noodle and kimchi?

Keep it up ya and thanks for sharing :)

mustardqueen said...

ruluwee: I think I'm around 173cm if not taller :) Thank you!!

rach: hahaha ULTIMATE GOAL, if I achieve it I dunno what will happen but yea, now I'm aiming at 60 :) I think my diet now is sorta balanced in a way, just that it's less than 1000calories, diet ma! Yeah kickboxing and body attack is intense man, it's like combination of muay thai karate taekwando etc haha

joanne: Don't feel guilty, start now!! :D And yeah, I like those slightly chewy korean glass noodle if not you can just get vermicelli, add a bit of the korean chilli paste and kimchi, I usually add tuna or you can eat chicken meat, taste great! Just get the noodles from Korean mart (I think the one in one utama next to cold storage has them, if not try maybe korean marts in hartamas. :)

Rach said...

If you reach 55 I will paste your picture on the wall and run on the treadmill to it hahahhaa. Anyway I was just doing some research because I have been trying to figure out what is the right diet.

Found this:

Why must I eat at least 1,200 calories a day when I want to eat less?

In order to get the daily food servings you need for a balanced diet, it takes about 1200 calories a day. With careful planning, you could have a balanced diet on 1000 calories, but the restrictiveness of a very low calorie level can lead to binging and weight cycling, which will take you further from your weight loss goal. What's more, very low calorie diets can cause excessive muscle breakdown and metabolic adaptations, which can drive down your calorie requirements. In the end, you'll need fewer calories to maintain a higher weight.

So basically your body will burn the muscles and not the fat because it is less essential. Also if you don't eat a certain amount of calories your body gets used to it and bla bla bla. But I think you vary your eating so should be okay in that aspect. Take care of yourself kay. (:

erv said...

babe. i'm so proud of u! u're my role model!!! haha. xoxo

revel in me said...

Y U NO make korean cold noodles for me!!

And you forgot to mention your occasional Nirvana banana leaf rice.*cough* :P

I am so proud of you ok! PEOPLE SHE IS LIKE DAMN THIN NOW OK!! QUITE SCARY BUT I AM ALSO VERY PROUD OF HER!! Show her some loveeeeeee

mustardqueen said...

rach: hahahaha like the unicorn and hipppo pic that one is still my inspiration LOLLLLLL well there is only so many articles that I can read and if I were to follow every single one I would have probably died hahaha so I just stick with what works best for me! :)

erv: thank you!!! These words, mean a lot to me *muacks*

wen: CAUSE I ONLY EAT IT WHEN YOUR NOT GOING DINNER WITH ME wtf cannnnn if you dare to use the utensils at home WTF! *cough* banana leaf is my guilty pleasure =P my once a week indulgence wtf hehehehe

Anonymous said...

hello this is my first time commenting here!I got sick of my family teasing my giant thighs...sigh.You reminded me of my own experience,haha.I went from 65 to 58 KG during my summer holiday just by swimming and sticking to "no more than one small bowl of carbs" everyday.Gotta say tuna fish was my favorite source of protein,I usually have it in my salad.Dunno about 55KG for you,I look too darn skinny once my weight dropped beyond 54kg,I am 170cm tall.

mustardqueen said...

anon: first things first, COMMENT MORE!! hahahahah

anyway my dad was the one telling me I need to lose weight. His exact words "I think you need to lose about 15kgs la" in a very nonchalant way like it's the easiest thing to lose 15kgs -_- so I totally understand how you feel! And yessss tuna fish (Ayam Brand FTW ahahahah) is yummy, I love the tuna chunks in water wholesome fishy taste but my fridge smells like shit after I open it wtf =P I used to go swimming a lot when I was younger but then my shoulders got really broad and I look even bigger after =( But I think I'll try goin swimming after I'm confident enough to fit into a bathing suit hehe! I'm about 173-175cm and I wanna look skinny =(((( hahaha will see how things goes cause I wanna tone up and lose more fats now, probably won't go down to 55 la, maybe 58 I'll be happy enough :)

Anonymous said...

really hope you can post up a before and after picture of yourself to motivate all of us :( i went on vege diet (on and off), eat as much rice & vege you want w/o meat for almost a year, and went from 80kg to 58 kg(but lately gained a lil cause ive been eating like a cow).well, i am very sure you can do it as well !

mustardqueen said...

anon: hmmmm if u wanna see before n after pics my sister posted some pics of me in december and my current pics are my korea pics etc. Haven't been taking proper pictures of myself. AND cause I always photoshop my pictures so it's not how I really look like in real life??? I'll try though, I'm still not comfortable with posting my pictures unedited sighhhh but that day will come soon :P

Mel said...

Yello! This is my first time commenting =) I'm a friend of Jing's and can I just say that I'm glad you're doing things healthily! BUT, I'm 167cm and I used to weigh 52kg but at 55kg, I feel and look healthier (plus Boobies!! =)
Don't overdo it cos if you haven't noticed, most skinny chinese girls don't fill out their clothes very well and guys seriously don't find no ass and no boobs attractive. I know you're doing it for you so that doesn't matter.. Thank you for being honest about your thoughts and goals!
You look gorgeous in your display pic btw =)

Rachel said...

Okay. Looking good though keep it up. (:

mustardqueen said...

mel: thank you!!!! It's just a goal that I hope to achieve, even if I don't, at least I tried, after all I've already came so far, I gotta finish this journey! :) Thank you for your advise :P

rachel: You keep it up too!!! :)

Mel said...

Hehe, you're most welcome! Seriously though, Congratulations! =) I always find maintaining the weight to be hard, but you'll be perfectly fine I'm sure!

Xin said...

Ting Ting!
I was around 50kg but Im actually 57kg now! haha crazy right? I wanted to go back down to 50 just so my clothes would fit..instead my boyfriend thinks I look good and said to me not to lose any weight.

But I wish you luck regardless. Just look after yourself okay /big hug


mustardqueen said...

mel: NO thank you really :) hahaha maintaining, life long hardship. story of all women's life no? LOL :)

xin: EH what bf i demand an update LOLLLL :) Anyway you are looking mighty fine yourself ok!! I think if I reach my goal weight all my clothes won't fit anymore BOOOOO means time for shopping LOLOLOLLLL :) Of cos I will take care of myself!!! Oh god I can't even pronounce the place you're at now, but you must take care tooooo <3

Pam said...

hello! (:
been reading your blog for quite a while and i'm mighty impressed with your hardcore determination and motivation! (: keep it up.
my target weight is 55 kg as well and right now i'm 62 kg! 7 more to go! :D pls blog more about your weight loss journey! :D it was one of the things that cheered me up today!

megarotk said...

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mustardqueen said...

pam: Thank you for finding me an inspiration and motivation to keep going on your weight loss journey!! It is a lifelong thing so just make sure you're always on the right track! :) Well my target IS 55 but I figured it'll be too "thin" for me, and besides I will look too hungry!! :) I will definitely update more on the routines and food I take in and we're all in this together yea?! :D

megarotk: Thank you!! :)

Anonymous said...

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