Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I have been going to the gym like 5-6 times a week, but my weight is still the same, stomach's bloated and not much progress as of late.

Think it's the hormones working up??

Need major detox. And I just made cookies. HA!!! The irony.

Please don't take any of my advices I'm doing this cause I feel like it and have heard stories that it worked but do advise your physicist/doctor if you wish to proceed with anything!!!! I am no nutritionist or whatsoever, and I'm no professional!! Roar.

Have been taking protein shake with soy milk (taste awesome IMO, chocolate fudge pudding flavour with soy milk) I personally prefer it with soy milk cause I think I'm officially, unable to take fresh milk and have been running to the toilet very frequently when I have dairy =(. And no thanks to the lack of supplies in Malaysia, I'm paying some ridiculous amount for protein whey powder from GNC. Anyone knows any places that sells cheaper ones? I heard Ego Nutritions have cheaper ones but haven't checked out.

I "TRY" to take a lot of fruits lately. Loaded my fridge with grapes, watermelon and a HUGE papaya and bananas. Would love to have MORE berries in the fridge!!!! I don't know where this is leading but, yea, I am stuck at a plateau again and I'm even getting bored of it but no complains, I can see new dents on my shoulders and back, weights workout have been fun, now I wanna play with more machines =P

I'm not sure about you, but somehow I find my "gym" time, is like, isolation from everything. I feel HAPPY, walking around with sweat dripping down my neck and looking like a mess, smelling like shit HAHA. It's the time I find inner peace and look at muscle men working out, and getting inspirations from those fit people in the gym.

Like what my all time favourite fitblr always say "Iron always wins". Weights will not make you look like a body builder, it'll just help build muscles and muscles are always good in my opinion. :P

that's all.


Anonymous said...

hey mustardqueen, i must say i totally feel u . i visit the gym 6 times a week and the duration there is my happiest moment. i just love to see and feel myself sweating. and i like to check out the guys working their muscles by the mirrors .=)tee ehee~
anyways, continue what u had started..i wish u lucks in breaking ur plateau again !

Anonymous said...

ohhh...my lower abdomen is always bloated a week before and during my period...haih...I've accepted the fact that I will always look like I am 3 months pregnant for 2 weeks every month. haha yes my "exercise" time is also preferably an isolated one(from friends =.=) if I have targets to reach.The first few months my bf joined me for swimming I couldn't manage my usual laps,bwahahahaha cuz he kept talking to me and then finally I got impatient and swam away


Anonymous said...

GNC from drugstore.com is cheaper than retail prices! :)

Yvonne said...

I was stuck with a weight plateau for 3 months & I exercised 5-6 days in a week as well. It was frustrating, so I totally understand how you feel.

But I guess the number on the scale is not all that important. I think the changes in the body - getting leaner, more muscle dents, etc - is what that really matters the most. So you shouldn`t be too worried about the plateau. ;)

Btw, totally agree with you on the gym time being an isolation from everything else. A bad day? Go to the gym. Tired & stressful day at work? Gym. I always feel better during a workout session at the gym. It`s good to know I`m not the only one who feels that way. :)

mustardqueen said...

anon1: hahahahaha RIGHT???? Like it's the kinda feeling ppl who don't go to the gym never gets! :P It's like after a good sweat/workout, it's the BEST feeling. I feel SEXIER when sweat drip down LOLLLL

anon2: STORY OF MY LIFE! My tummy is just bloated for like forever wtf too much fats covering my abs HEHEHEHEHE It's good that you have targets to reach during your gym sessions! I usually just have like I'll be at the gym for 1.5 hours, and do reps until I cannot anymore =P And isolation means alone time la!!! Why drag ur bf hahaha =P Blast music in the ears and just run till you cry hehe

anon3: OOOH Do they ship to Malaysia?? I'll check it out THANK U!!

yvonne: YES! I don't dare to go check the body mass/fat % though, like what if it turned out worst wtf! Anyway, yes I get what you mean about the whole "I feel leaner eventhough my weight is still same/higher". Muscles are denser than fats so no complains =P I go to the gym to avoid, I dunno, avoid from using too much computer! =P And just maybe to drool over hot guys LOLLLL Well they do say exercising will release more endorphins! And they make you HAPPY :D

Tash said...

Babe buy from Ego Nutritions coz is waaayy cheaper than GNC. Plus you get 20% discount if you show your celebrity fitness card ;). They have shops at the curve and subang parade. Good luck in your training and please post some pics of yourself now :)

mustardqueen said...

tash: Yeah i heard its cheaper and when I check online it's also cheaper hahahaa but I'm not signed to celebrity fitness so no discount =( Too fat to show my pics now T_T I've gained weight from eating too much these few days wtf right I know but yea BINGE like mad since the sister's been back -_-