Monday, June 27, 2011

Not dead.


And no, I hate giving, so you have to follow, wait for my approval, to get updates on my life, which is every like 2 minutes or so. And I have been spending too much time on tumblr looking at food pictures and binging. What's new?

OH, I'm tempted to get my tragus pierced, anyone knows anywhere good to do it? Erm, I actually prefer gun cause a lot cheaper but I've heard stories so, yeah needle's fine too but I have to pay a lot. meh.


Anonymous said...

Hei. cud u tell em ur tumblr address. I'm also using tumblr ( :D

Diyana Shah said...

i did my tragus piercing in sg wang, and it's super cheap, rm10-15 if i'm not mistaken. gun. needle is too expensive, not worth it :)

Anonymous said...

You need to get over yourself seriously. Yeah so what if i'm anonymous? Doesn't change the fact that you're a shameless whore who thinks you're superior to your readers.

mustardqueen said...

anon: erm it's mustardqueen, but I don't really update my tumblr. I just like stalking fitblrs and food tumblrs!!

diyana: Is it at one of those tattoo parlours? I'm scared though cause guns might have too big an impact yada yada hahaha and YES needles damn exp like 100 over ringgit -_-

anon: Er I never said I'm superior over my readers? You need to chill the fuck out. And no I'm not a whore cause I don't go fucking around and posting rude anonymous comments just because the blogger replied your comment coldly.

Diyana Shah said...

nope, it's just at one of those booth that sell studs and all. yeah, i heard scary stories before i did it, but from my personal experience, i can tell you it's fine. GO DO IT ! :)